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Evaluation and feedback are essential parts of the internship program. Through review of detailed feedback, interns are able to capitalize on the strengths that they bring to the program and further develop the areas that need more attention, all with the aim of helping interns to become highly competent professional psychologists. We are aware that it can feel stressful at times to be evaluated in so many areas by so many people. To that end, we work to make the evaluation process as transparent and constructive as possible, and emphasize that we are allies in the process of helping each intern to develop into a professional psychologist who functions highly effectively and in a manner congruent with the intern’s own style and preferences.

Evaluation Procedures

Formal Evaluation

Interns receive formal written feedback from their supervisor and other staff members at the end of each semester. Supervisors and interns are expected to review completed forms with one another in person. The Training Director compiles all evaluations about and by each intern and meets individually with each intern at the end of each semester to review and discuss the feedback. The Director of Training uses evaluations completed about each intern as a basis for feedback to the parent academic institution describing the intern’s progress to date.

Further, the Director of Training uses evaluations completed by the intern and verbal comments from their meeting together to consider modifications of the training program. This formal evaluation process is not seen as replacement for informal verbal feedback, which is carried on throughout the internship year. We emphasize that if any information in these evaluations comes as a significant surprise to an intern, that likely reflects on a staff member’s failure to have provided this feedback informally to the intern in a timely way.

Informal Evaluation

In addition to the formal evaluation procedure outlined above, there is an informal evaluation meeting of the senior staff involved in the training program mid-semester fall and, when needed, in the spring as well. The purpose of this meeting is for all staff to discuss perceptions of interns’ progress to date so that concerns may be identified early enough in the year for the intern to address them and so that trainers may target whatever areas would be most beneficial to interns. Interns are provided with written feedback in a meeting with the Training Director summarizing what was discussed at this meeting.

Policy Regarding Academic Programs Requesting Additional Evaluation Materials

As detailed above, interns at Towson University receive ongoing evaluative feedback from supervisors throughout the training year. These evaluations are quite comprehensive in nature, are based on our program's training model, philosophy, goals and objectives, and competencies and benchmarks established by our profession. At the end of every semester, the Internship Training Director sends the Academic Training Director a letter summarizing the intern's performance to date along with a copy of the primary supervisor's evaluation of the intern.  Therefore, if you are enrolled in an academic training program that requires additional training contracts and/or evaluations, these will not be completed by the Towson University training staff. Your program may choose to use the data from theTowson University evaluations to complete their own forms. You are strongly encouraged to consult with your Director of Clinical Training or the Towson University Counseling Center Training Director if you have questions about this policy.






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