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Predoctoral Internship in Professional Psychology

Orientation / Getting Settled

Campus and Center Meetings

For the first month, interns are given an on-going orientation to the University at large as well as the Counseling Center. University orientation activities are designed to familiarize each intern with the overall structure and functioning of the University, its services, and resources. Interns are introduced to staff members in various administrative positions throughout campus, provided with information about the system and its operation, given a description of various campus offices and departments, and learn how these interrelate with one another and with the Counseling Center.

Within the Counseling Center, interns attend meetings with each program coordinator (e.g. research, outreach and consultation, clinical services) to familiarize themselves with various services and training components of the Center. In addition, several workshops are offered during this period to offer intensive training on special topics. Meetings with individual staff members are held to acquaint interns and staff with one another.

Finalizing Contract

Toward the end of the orientation period, the Training Director meets individually with each intern to finalize their contract for the semester - identifying which elective(s) they will pursue and making sure that their planned activities will help them meet their internship goals.

Choosing Supervisors

One particularly important activity that happens right after arrival is that interns interview all possible staff supervisors and then decide amongst themselves who will work with which supervisor for the fall semester.  They repeat this process for the spring semester, but by then the interviews with staff aren't necessary, since they've figured out who we are and what we're like!


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