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Towson University Licensing

The university’s licensing program exists to protect and promote the consistent image of Towson University. The licensing program ensures that those using the university’s name, logo or likeness for profit compensate the university appropriately, and polices the unauthorized use of the university’s trademarks. The licensing program protects the university’s image and reputation by monitoring how the university’s trademarks are applied and the types of products that are produced in association with Towson University.

In return for the right to produce products bearing the name, logo or likeness of Towson University, the university requires vendors to sign a licensing agreement. This agreement requires the vendor to submit artwork for approval prior to production, and commits them to paying royalties on any products that are sold. The royalty is generally 10% of the wholesale price of the product.

Goods that are produced for internal consumption and not resold are produced by vendors under a restricted licensing agreement and are not subject to royalties.

The Licensing Resource Group (LRG)

Towson University is proud to partner with the Licensing Resource Group (LRG) for the management of its licensing program. LRG is a strong and growing company that represents some of the top colleges and universities in the nation. It has a solid track record of customer service and helping its clients build their brands. Services that LRG will provide on behalf of Towson University include:

  • Management of all license applications
  • Providing access to official logo artwork
  • Processing artwork approvals for non-restricted licensees
  • Protecting the university by ensuring that all licensees are insured
  • Collection and distribution of royalty payments
  • Auditing licensees to ensure compliance
  • Policing and enforcement of licensing violations

Types of License Agreements

A Standard License holder is a vendor that is producing merchandise that will be sold for profit. A standard licensee often might produce merchandise for many institutions across the country.

An In-State License holder produces merchandise to be resold, but they may only produce goods for only for up to five institutions in a geographic region.

An Internal Use License holder is a vendor that produces goods for internal consumption; they may not produce anything for resale. Royalties are not charged on goods designated for internal use (typically promotional items or uniforms).


New Standard Licensees are charged a one-time $500 application fee. New In-State and Internal Licensees first-time application fee is $250. Annual renewals are $200 for all companies licensed for only Towson University. License renewals are $300 for companies licensed for 2-5 universities, and $800 for those licensed for more than six schools.

Applications for all types of license agreements are processed through LRG. At the time of application or license renewal, Standard or In-State licensees are charged Advance Fees against future royalties of $100 for apparel licensees, $50 for non-apparel licensees and $25 for vendors of high-volume/low price point (giveaway) items.

Becoming a Licensee

Becoming a licensed vendor is easy -- visit the Apply page at the LRG web site to start the application process. Vendors with questions about licensing may be referred to Brian Eubank of LRG at 336-896-7907 ext. 6, or Brian@lrgusa.com.


Questions about the Towson University licensing program should be directed to Rick Pallansch at 410-704-2229, or by e-mail at licensing@towson.edu.




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