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Brand Mark Standards

Brand Mark and Variations

Primary Brand Mark

To commemorate Towson University’s sesquicentennial, the current brand mark will be replaced with a sesquicentennial mark to celebrate the university's 150th anniversary beginning in late May of 2015.

The mark evolved out of past and present logo iterations and it is meant to represent Towson University as a forward-moving institution, with a solid history and strong sense of community; a place where diverse individuals spend a key point in their life’s journey to become effective, ethical leaders and engaged citizens.

Below are several variations of the 150th logo. Please view the sizing and placement and prohibited brand mark use information on how to use the mark on your materials.

Regardless of the variation, the brand mark must be used as a single unit.

Primary Mark

Primary Brand Mark

Use of the horizontal, full-color signature is encouraged and preferred.

High-resolution (EPS) | Low Resolution (PNG)

Secondary Mark

Secondary Brand Mark

A stacked version was created for use in spaces that will not comfortably accommodate the use of the primary mark.

The use of the full-color signature is preferred.

High-resolution (EPS) | Low Resolution (PNG)

1-color Variations

Primary Brand Mark 1-color

When a 1-color or black/white version of brand mark is necessary, the only acceptable color is black for positive applications and white for reverse applications.

High-resolution (EPS)

Primary | Secondary

Low Resolution (PNG):

Primary | Secondary

Reversed Application

Primary Brand Mark Reverse
Primary Brand Mark 1-color Reverse

The reverse application of the primary and secondary mark should be used only on dark backgrounds to assure prominence and maintain a strong contrast between the mark and background.

Please note, the 1-color version of the reversed mark is not a true 1-color application. The "150 years" portion is black while the pictorial mark and "Towson University" is white.

High-resolution (EPS):

Primary: Full Color | 1-color

Secondary: Full Color | 1-color

Low Resolution (PNG):

Primary: Full Color | 1-color

Secondary: Full Color | 1-color

Small Format

Primary Brand Mark Small Format  

Sometimes the brand mark will need to appear in a space that is under 1 1/2” wide (for the primary mark) and/or 1” (for the secondary mark).

In order to maintain legibility, the shapes within the mark have been simplified and the word “years” has been removed. The brand mark must still be used as a single unit.

Please contact Creative Services for the appropriate files.

Incorporating Dates

Primary Brand Mark with Dates 

The dates “1866 – 2016” should always be centered under the word mark. For the primary logo the outer edges of the date block should line up between the center points of the “O”s in the word “TOWSON”.

secondary logo  


For the secondary logo, the outer edges of the date block should line up with the outer edge of the “O”s in the word “TOWSON”.

Please contact Creative Services for the appropriate files.






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Brand Mark
Color Palette

Gold – c0, m20, y100, k0
Black – c0, m0, y0, k100

Gold – #ffcc00
or r255, g204, b0
Black – #000000
or r0, g0, b0

Gold Coated –
PMS 1235C
Gold Uncoated –
PMS 116U
Black – Process Black

Gold –
3M Sunflower Yellow or
Gold – 180C-25 or
Gold – 7725-25 or
Gold – 7125-25

Gold – Robison-Anton 2394
Madeira 1137



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