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Baltimore Excellence in STEM Teaching (BEST) Project

2011–2012 BEST Project Sponsoring Research Institutions and Mentors

The following researchers are mentoring a BEST Project Teacher for their 6 to 8-week summer research project. The mentors will also collaborate with the BEST Teachers during the 2011-2012 school year to help translate summer research experiences into real-world, inquiry-based classroom activities for their students as well as promote careers in STEM-related fields.

Institution Research Mentor(s) Website(s)
Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Lab
Mr. James Hudson MESSENGER
Johns Hopkins University
Brady Urological Institute
Dr. Robert Getzenberg Dr. Robert Getzenberg
Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine
Dr. Garry Cutting Dr. Garry Cutting
Loyola University of Maryland Dr. Elizabeth Dahl Dr. Elizabeth Dahl
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Dr. Bruce Campbell Integrated Design Center
Dr. Jeff Livas Dr. Jeffrey Livas
National Institutes of Health

National Institute on Aging
Dr. Bronwen Martin Dr. Bronwen Martin
National Institutes of Health

National Institute on Drug Abuse  
Dr. Charles Pickens Behavioral Neuroscience Research Branch

Dr. Charles Pickens
Dr. Gianluigi Tanda Medications Discovery Research Branch
Dr. George Uhl Dr. George Uhl
Towson University Dr. Vanessa Beauchamp Dr. Vanessa Beauchamp
Drs. Rajeswari Kolagani
and Grace Yong
Applied Physics Masters Program at TU

Dr. Rajeswari M. Kolagani
Dr. Jay Nelson Dr. Jay Nelson
Dr. Barry Margulies Dr. Barry Margulies
Dr. Lev Ryzhkov Dr. Lev R. Ryzhkov
Dr. Tatyana Sorokina Dr. Tatyana Sorokina
University of Maryland
School of Medicine
Dr. Vincent Bruno Institute for Genome Sciences
Dr. Shil DasSarma DasSarma Lab Group
Dr. Shaojun “Jim” Du Shaojun Du
Dr. Mariusz Karbowski Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Mariusz Karbowski
Dr. Eric Toth Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr. Eric Toth
Dr. David Weber Dr. David J. Weber




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