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Baltimore Excellence in STEM Teaching (BEST) Project

2013–2014 BEST Project Classroom Implementation Projects (CIP)

As a culminating project for their participation in BEST, teachers designed an instructional module that translates aspects of their summer research experience into meaningful, engaging lessons for their students. Lessons also incorporate pedagogical strategies explored during the school-year Learning Community including inquiry-based instruction, formative assessment strategies, and integrated STEM and STEM-ELA instruction. Links to example BEST Project CIPs are provided below. Please direct questions about the BEST Project and/or these resources to Julie Damico at

The title of each Classroom Implementation Project is linked to a module of related lesson plans (in acrobat PDF format) and, in some cases, supporting PowerPoint files.

Title of CIP
Teacher-Intern Author
Content Area
Grade Level
Analysis of the Galaxy Zoo Data Set Utilizing Python Computing (pdf)
      Lesson 1 Student Data Handou (xlsx)
      Lesson 1 Galaxy Zoo Python Code (docx)
      Lesson 3 FOR Loop Example (docx)
      Lesson 4 Code Example (docx)
      Lesson 4 Research (pdf)
Greg Hrinda
Baltimore County Public Schools

AP Physics C, Computer Science
12th Grade

Beyond the Data: Structuring Inquiry to Support
              Experimental Design and Inference in
              Statistics (pdf)
      Lesson 1: Comparing Maryland’s
              Youths – Risk Behavior Survey
      Lesson 2: Fling
      Lesson 3: Relapse Re-Treat
      Lesson 4: Cognition Experiment
Kathleen Robens
Montgomery County Public Schools
AP Statistics
10th–12th Grades
The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Its Uses in the Field of Astronomy (pdf)
Douglas Heeter
Harford County Public Schools
11th–12th Grades
Biomolecule Bonanza (pdf)

Research Poster Template and Exemplars (pdf)
Lindsay Dugovich
Baltimore County Public Schools
Biology (Gifted and Talented
9th Grade
SCENTsational Properties (pdf)
      Lesson 1: Chem! Phys! Pop! Change! (pdf)
                  (Chemical and Physical Changes)
      Lesson 2: Blueprint for an Atom
              Atomic Structure PPT (pdf)
      Lesson 3: Gecko Glue Inquiry
                   (Intermolecular Interactions) (pdf)
              Intermolecular Forces PPT (pptx)
      Lesson 4: Volatile Vapors (pdf)
               (Factors Affecting Volatility) (pdf)
Dana Wilson
Harford County Public Schools
10th–11th Grades
Is There Life in Outer Space? (pdf) Karen “Rennie” Watson
Baltimore City Public Schools
Earth and Space Sciences
6th Grade
You’re a Winner! (pdf)

Exemplars for Patents Lesson (pdf)
Leslie Lynn
Harford County Public Schools
Technology and Engineering
9th–10th Grades
Let’s Energize It! (pdf) Hugh Jamison
Harford County Public Schools
Technology and Engineering
9th–12th Grades
Things to Ponder (pdf)
      Lesson 1: Candy Lab (pdf)
      Lesson 2: Microscopes (pdf)
      Lesson 3a: Protist Exploration (pdf)
      Lesson 3b: Pond Study (pdf)
Christina Meyer
Harford County Public Schools
Life Science
7th Grade

Understanding Geometry Through Real World Connections and Technology (pdf)
      Lesson 1: Area of Quadrilaterals (pdf)
      Lesson 2: Area of Circles (pdf)
      Lesson 3: Surface Area of Solids (pdf)
      Lesson 4: Volume of Solids (pdf)

Nicole Lemon
Prince George’s County Public Schools
7th Grade

Cultivating Exploratory Construction (pdf)
      Lesson 1: Cable Car Build (pdf)
      Lesson 2: Making Musical Instruments (pdf)
      Lesson 3: The Ping Pong Catapult (pdf)
      Lesson 4: Micro-fishing (pdf)

Victoria Mathew
Baltimore City Public Schools
Physical Science
9th Grade

Using Radiation to See the Unseen (pdf)
      Lesson 1: Investigating the
               Electromagnetic Spectrum (pdf)
      Lesson 2: Applications of Radiation in
               Medical Technologies (pdf)
      Lesson 3: MRI Simulation (pdf)
      Lesson 4: CAT Scan Game (pdf)
      Lesson 5: Mission to Mars (pdf)

Kevin Martz
Montgomery County Public Schools
Physics (Honors)
10th–11th Grades
Making Connections: How Interdisciplinary Studies Enrich Student Learning (pdf) Melissa Angerson
Anne Arundel County Public Schools
8th Grade




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