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Middle School Education (B.S., B.A.)

Students enroll as a Pre-Middle School Education major until they apply for formal admission into the Department of Secondary Education (SCED). The major in middle school education is a dual content major (any combination of English, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science). Upon beginning the educational coursework, an additional advisor from the college of Education will be assigned. Upon completion of the program will result in a B.S. or B.A. degree from the College of Education.

Teaching in middle school requires general preparation in the content areas of Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Engineering, Field and Natural Science, Mathematics, Meteorology, and Physics.

The undergraduate requirements to obtain a secondary teaching certificate program are listed below. For student teaching, a minimum 2.75 is required in the professional education courses, and a minimum overall of 2.75 is required.

University Core Curriculum Courses: 41 credits + WRIT 312 History of Science (3)
         (12 of these credits satisfy both the University's Core Curriculum and Sec. Ed. requirements)

Major Courses: 32 - 45 credits, depending upon major

Education Courses
         Introductory Courses (12 credits)
  SCED 200 Foundations of Education
  SCED 305 Adolescent Learning, Development, and Diversity
  ISTC 301 Integrating Instructional Media
  SPED 301 Introduction to Special Education
         Core courses: (45 credits)
  SCED 342 Principles of Middle Level Education
  SCED 460 Using Reading and Writing in Secondary School
Professional Year
         Internship semester (11 credits), Fall of Senior year
  SCED 499 Internship in Secondary Education
  SCED 461 Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Area Methods
         Student Teaching Semester (15 credits), Spring of Senior year
  SCIE 393 or MATH 426 Student Teaching (12 credits)
  SCED 401 Analyzing Student Teaching (2 credits)
  SCED 462 Seminar in Teaching Reading in the SCED Content Area (1 credit)
For a detailed look at the required courses, go to the second page of the following link.



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