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Dance Performance Major (B.F.A.)

with Optional K-12 Dance Teacher Certification Requirements


Degree Requirements

B.F.A. in Dance Performance: 120 units
B.F.A. in Dance Performance with K-12 Dance Teacher Certification: 138 units

All dance majors are requried to complete:
Towson University CORE Curriculum
Performance Milestone
Dance Juries
Crew Requirements

Dance Courses for All Majors (60 units)

Foundation Year:
DANC 216   1   Crew I
DANC 223   4   Ballet I (2 in fall and 2 in spring)
DANC 227   4   Modern I (2 in fall and 2 in spring)
DANC 235   3   Composition I  (CORE 4)
DANC 245   3   Scientific Bases for Movement Analysis I
DANC 345   3   Scientific Bases for Movement Analysis II

DANC 263   3   Dance Design and Production
DANC 316   1   Junior Crew
DANC 321   3   Responding to Dance (CORE 9)
DANC 323   6   Level II Ballet (3 per sophomore semester)
DANC 327   6   Level II Modern (3 per sophomore semester)
DANC 335   2   Composition II
DANC 336   2   Composition III
DANC 423   3   Level III Ballet
DANC 427   3   Level III Modern
DANC XXX    3  one additional Level III Modern or Ballet                     
DANC 436   2   Composition IV: For the Proscenium
DANC 437   3   Composition V: For the Camera
DANC 480   2   Senior Seminar
DANC 481   3   Senior Project

Interdisciplinary Courses for All Majors (6 units)

DANC 126   3   Musical Concepts for Dancers (Foundation Year)
THEA 101   3   Acting I

Dance Electives (12 units) ~ For Performance Majors Only, Not K-12 Option

  • Performance majors must take a total of 9 units of Level III and must include courses in both ballet and modern.
  • Additional technique classes are taken after completing major requirements. At least 6 units of electives must be in Modern Repertory, Ballet Repertory or Dance Company.

Select from the following:
DANC 101   3   The Alexander Technique (CORE 5)
DANC 105   3   Movement Skills for Men (CORE 5)
DANC 109   2   Jazz Dance I
DANC 209   2   Jazz Dance II
DANC 111   2   Tap Dance I
DANC 211   2   Tap Dance II
DANC 201   2   Developmental Movement
DANC 251   3   Methods of Teaching Dance
DANC 310   2   Jazz Dance III
DANC 341   2   Pointe Technique I
DANC 342   2   Pointe Technique II
DANC 351   3   Teaching Dance Technique
DANC 370   1-3   Special Topics in Dance
DANC 383   3   Modern Dance Repertory
DANC 384   3   Ballet Repertory
DANC 451   3   Dance Education and Public Policies
DANC 481   3   Dance Company
DANC 492   1-3   Practicum in Dance Technique
DANC 495   1-6   Independent Study in Dance

Other Electives (4 units) ~ For Performance Majors Only, Not K-12 Option

Professional Education Courses (34 units) ~ For K-12 Option Only
PSYC 201   3   Educational Psychology
DANC 201   3   Developmental Movement
DANC 251   3   Methods of Teaching Dance
SPED 301   3   Introduction to Special Education K-12
ELED 324   3   Integrated Reading K-12 Certification
DANC 391   6   Student Teaching in Elementary School
DANC 392   6   Student Teaching in Secondary School
EDUC 202   3  Historical and Contemporary Perspectives: America's Urban Schools  
DANC 451   3   Dance Education and Public Policies

DANC 493   1   Pro-Seminar in the Teaching of Dance*
* To be taken concurrently with DANC 391 and DANC 392.


Requirements for the Core ~ For K-12 Option Only

PSYC 101   3   Psychology (CORE 6)

COMM 131  3   Fundamentals of Speech Communication (CORE 5) 

Performance Milestone: All Majors

Dance majors must fulfill the Performance Milestone as a requirement of the Dance Performance B.F.A. degree.

  • Performance Milestone Form (Word)
    Students may store their Performance Milestone Form in their student file in the Department of Dance. Drop off your form to Sidney Pink in CA, room 1002C to file your form.

Performance Milestone Criteria:

  • Students must accumulate 15 Performance Milestone points to receive the B.F.A.
  • Six of these points must come from Dance Company or Repertory classes.
  • Six of these points must come from extracurricular work for a class in which you are not enrolled. This can include performing for a peer's composition class assignment, including Composition IV, V or the Senior Seminar Concert.
  • The remaining three points may come from additional composition assigments (again, for a class your are not ernolled in) or from performance in Inertia, DMPP, ACDF or approved individual work with a TU Dance Faculty Member.

Performance Milestone Points:

  • Students may receive a maximum of three points per project for working with a choreographer in Composition IV, V or Senior Seminar for an entire semester.
  • Students may receive one point per project in courses which include three projects, like Composition III.
  • Students may receive one point per project in activities which require approximately one month of rehearsal, like the Senior Concert.
  • The instructor for each project or course will determine how these criteria apply to his/her assignments and activities.

Juries Requirements for All Majors

As a mechanism for assessing progress toward the degree, all dance majors will be evaluated by a jury of faculty members at the end of the spring term of the sophomore year. The jury will consider a video portfolio of each student. Written and verbal assessment will be given to each student in relation to the expected student outcomes of the program. Special note: All majors are required to be enrolled in a ballet and modern class each term prior to their scheduled jury.

Crews Requirements for All Majors

All dance majors are required to register for and complete both a Sophomore Crew (DANC 216) and Junior Crew (DANC 316). These assignments are made annually by the department. Successful completion of one crew course is a requirement prior to registering for DANC 480. Both crew courses and DANC 263 are required for graduation with the B.F.A. in Dance Performance.

Resources for Current B.F.A. Dance Majors




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