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Ballet Technique
Oldest codified technique to date; classes will focus primarily on developing a strong technical foundation, while emphasizing proper alignment, strength, and musicality.

Modern Technique

Derived from Ballet Technique, Modern Dance has evolved as a self-expressive art form drawing influence from all dance forms past and present, as well as music, theater, and the fine arts. Students will gain a strong technical base, in addition to enhance their improvisational and partnering skills.

Jazz Technique

Classes will focus on strong Jazz technique, terminology and movement quality with an emphasis on proper execution of Jazz isolations, syncopated rhythms and stylistic approach in execution of movement.

Tap Technique
A truly American dance form, Tap dance is a combination of Irish Step Dancing and African dance developed during the 1900s in the U.S. Students will be introduced to basic tap dance technique, while developing rhythmic skills and musicality.

Alexander Technique

Hosted by Alexander Technique Midatlantic, the Alexander Technique is a practical wellness method for identifying and reducing tension habits that interfere with natural and efficient movement. This practice teaches students how to work on their own to release unnecessary tension as they move through daily activities such as sitting, standing, walking, speaking, driving, and working at a computer. People also study the technique for improved posture, prevention of injuries, relief of back and neck pain, and improved breathing and vocal use.

Morning Movement Wellness
Designed to gently awaken your body awareness, get you stretching, moving and breathing for optimum focus and energy throughout your day, week and life. Borrowing movement exercises from modern and ballet technique, yoga and Laban Movement Analysis, this class will take you on a journey of discovery, relaxation and rejuvenation! Previous dance experience is not required.

Afro Fusion!

An energetic, fun and inviting experience for all movers! This introductory class in West African and Jazz Technique allows students the freedom to move with expression , while focusing on building strength and stamina in a lively environment.

Improvisation Jam

Hosted by Deep Vision Dance Company (DVDC) on the first Saturday of each month from 7-10 p.m. All artists (musicians, dancers, painters, etc.) and passionate improvisers are welcome to attend. Participants are asked to follow one guideline: *When you enter the space, you are fully involved in/committed to the jam session through moving, playing, drawing, meditating - basically being aware!. Jam session suggested donation is $5 - just pay what you can. All proceeds benefit DVDC/TUCD.



Beginner: New to dance or is interested in re-establishing their knowledge and technical skill. Instruction will move at a slow to moderate progression.

Intermediate: Prior dance knowledge and experience is suggested. Instruction will move at a quicker pace at a moderate technical skill

Advanced/Professional: Extensive dance knowledge and experience is suggested. Instruction will move at an advanced pace and technical skill.

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