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All students are assessed at the beginning of the semester to ensure proper level placement.

Developmental Dance, age 3

This course stimulates the imagination and inspires creativity, while exploring movement through words, images, and storytelling. Students will examine, interpret and demonstrate fine and gross motor skills through the five Dance Elements: Body, Space, Time, Energy and Force.

Creative Movement, age 4
Developing a deeper comprehension and application of the five Dance Elements (Body, Space, Time, Energy and Force), students achieve their creative voice while beginning to articulate the foundational movements of dance technique. Curriculum is literacy-based with a new educational theme each semester.

Dance Fundamentals
Stimulate the imagination and ignite creativity in our dance masterpiece-inspired program class! Dance Fundamentals focuses on teaching students the basic structure of a dance class, movement sequencing, proper placement and position of feet and arms. Students will learn beginner ballet, modern and jazz technique and terminology through famous Ballet, Modern, and Jazz Masterpieces.

Ballet Technique, ages 6-18
Oldest codified technique to date; classes will focus primarily on developing a strong technical foundation, while emphasizing proper alignment, strength, and musicality.

Ballet Fundamentals: Prior movement experience is suggested, but not required
Ballet I: Minimum of two years ballet experience required
Ballet I/II: Minimum of one or more years of Ballet experience required
Ballet II: Minimum of three years of Ballet experience required
Ballet II/III: Minimum of four years of Ballet experience required
Ballet III: Minimum of four years of Ballet experience required
Ballet IV: Minimum of five years of Ballet experience required

Ballet Variation, ages 12-18

Class will focus on educating our young dancers on the appreciation and history of the ballet classics through variation. Strong technical training, research and application will be the main concentration throughout. Ballet Variation is offered for both the intermediate and advanced dancer. NOTE: Students must be enrolled in at least two ballet technique classes per week to be eligible to take a variation class.

Modern Technique, ages 9-17

Derived from Ballet Technique, Modern Dance has evolved as a self-expressive art form drawing influence from all dance forms past and present, as well as music, theater, and the fine arts. Students will gain a strong technical base, in addition to enhance their improvisational and partnering skills.

Modern I: One year dance experience required
Modern I/II: Minimum of one or more years of Modern experience required

Modern II: Minimum of two years Modern experience required

Modern II/III:Minimum of three years Modern experience required
Modern III: Minimum of four or more years Modern experience required

Masterwork Repertory, ages 14-18

Developed by the American Dance Legacy Institute, Masterwork “Repertory Etudes” provide an opportunity for our young dancers to study, capture, and perform a signature work of an American choreographer. Students will receive instruction on dance technique, Etude history, and reconstruction of a modern classic.

Composition, ages 12-18

Focusing primarily on the practice and teaching of foundational choreography design. Student will learn a variety of concepts or “tools” to assist them in the choreographic process; theme and variation, repetition, improvisation, and the core element of Body, Space, Time, Energy and Force.

Jazz Technique, ages 6-18

Classes will focus on strong Jazz technique, terminology and movement quality with an emphasis on proper execution of Jazz isolations, syncopated rhythms and stylistic approach in execution of movement.

Jazz Fundamentals: Prior movement experience is suggested, but not required
Jazz I: Minimum of one year dance experience required

Jazz I/II: Minimum of two years Jazz experience required

Jazz II: Minimum of three years Jazz experience required

Tap Technique, ages 6-11

A truly American dance form, Tap dance is a culmination of Irish Step Dancing and African dance developed during the 1900’s in the U.S. Students will be introduced basic tap dance technique, while developing rhythmic skills and musicality.

Tap Fundamentals: Prior movement experience is suggested, but not required

Tap I: Minimum of one year dance experience required

Pilates, ages 12+

Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th Century, exercises focus on the core muscles to assist in improving alignment, gain flexibility and strength, as well as movement control to extend throughout the body.  All participants must provide their own yoga/pilates mats for health and safety purposes.

Stretch and Extension, ages 12-18

Each class will focus on improving and gaining flexiblity, while developing strength to support proper leg and back extension. 


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