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Accent Modification

The English Language Center offers an Accent Reduction/Modification Program for improving your business, professional, and social speaking skills.

Success in the academic and business world today depends upon the ability to communicate effectively.  However, communication can be difficult due to accent differences. The purpose of this program is to modify, not fully eliminate, an accent, since it is an integral part of cultural identity.  The goal is to modify certain sounds that interfere with understanding and improve communication in all aspects of life.


  • Help participants in their communication with Americans and other English speakers

  • Create self awareness of personal accent differences

  • Teach self-monitoring skills that enable participants to correct themselves

  • Teach complete word production which includes intonation, rhythm, and inflection that enhance comprehension

  • Provide participants with self-study materials for ongoing practice and improvement

  • Create awareness of cultural differences that could interfere with communication

The Accent Reduction Course begins with a personal analysis of the student/client's speech. This analysis reveals exactly how their pronunciation varies from standard American English and identifies specific areas for concentration.

A speech professional then teaches the student/client appropriate speech modification techniques, as well as the basic sounds and principles of American English.

Instructors are trained in the Compton method of Accent Modification; however, recognizing that one program does not fit all learning styles, materials are drawn from many sources to meet the specific needs of each student.


For more information contact the ELC at 410-704-2552 or


The ELC at Towson University, Towson, Maryland - a fully-accredited 4 year institution

Accent Modification:

Classes run for 13 weeks

$1200 which includes materials

Cost includes pre- and post-evaluations which are done outside of class time.

There is a discount for fulltime

ELC and TU students as well as Towson University alumni

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