1. As a transfer student, do I follow the catalog year I started at Towson, or can I follow the year I started my college career?

Answer: By default, you’re assigned the catalog for the year you enter Towson. However, you can change your catalog of record to the year you started college (including community college) by completing a “Catalog Selection Petition”


and submitting it to the English Department.

2. Can I use pass/fail courses to fulfill major or minor requirements?

Answer: No. (See “Pass Grading Option” under “Academic Regulations” in your catalog.) You can use up to 12 pass grade hours to count as gen ed or total credit requirements toward graduation, but not as major, minor, or certification requirements. To change a course to pass/fail, students must fill out a Change of Schedule form before the withdrawal deadline. The form is available from Enrollment Services or online at http://onestop.towson.edu/Forms/documents/1_DROP_ADD_FORM.pdf

3. How do I find out who my advisor is?

Answer: Go to http://students.towson.edu, choose Towson Online Services, and login. Then, click on the following choices in order: Self Service > Student Center > Your advisor is listed on the bottom, right of the page.

4. If I’m a transfer student, what do TLL and TUL mean beside certain courses on my transcript?

Answer: TLL means the course transferred into Towson University as a lower-level elective, and TUL means it transferred in as an upper-level elective. As electives, such courses do not fulfill specific Gen Ed or major requirements.

5. A course I took at another school is similar to a Towson course, but it transferred only as a TLL (or TUL). Can I get it changed to count as a specific TU course?

Answer: Maybe. You can petition the department that teaches the course to accept it as the Towson equivalent by filling out a “Petition to Transfer New Coursework” form and submitting it to the administrative assistant of the relevant department. Include with the form the official course description from the university or community college where you originally took the course. You can find this on the school’s website and print it off. Then the department chair will evaluate your petition, and either approve or deny it. “Petition to Transfer” forms are available online at http://www.towson.edu/main/admissions/documents/petitiontochangeotce_040412.pdf

6. What are independent studies courses? Can I use them to fulfill major or minor requirements?

Answer: An independent studies course is essentially a one-on-one course you take with a professor. Like the traditional classroom course, you do specified work, such as taking tests and writing papers, on a schedule you and the professor agree upon, but you do not get the usual class contact. Professors teach such courses solely on a voluntary basis, so you can ask to be given an independent studies course, but you cannot demand it. In the English Department, all independent studies courses are designated ENGL 490, but, depending on the topic of the independent study, they can be used to fulfill different major or minor category requirements. For details, talk to your advisor.

7. Can I “double-dip,” using a single course to fulfill both a Gen Ed requirement and an English major requirement?

Answer: Yes. One of many examples would be ENGL 313-Academic Essay, which fulfills the Gen Ed category I.D. requirement as well as an English major writing requirement.

8. Can I “double-dip,” using a single course to fulfill two different categories within the English major?

Answer: No.

9.  Can you explain the Capstone Experience Requirements (effective Fall 2005)?


IV. Capstone Experience (3 units)

      One of the following in the final year:

      ENGL 485 Seminar in English Studies (3)

      ENGL 498 English Internship as Capstone (3)

      ENGL 499 Honors Thesis (3)

In your senior year, you will have to take one of the courses that fulfill the Capstone Experience.  These courses are designed to allow you to bring together the skills you have learned as an English major, reflect on what you have learned, and use that knowledge.

There are three ways to fulfill the requirement: 

  • You may take a Seminar in English Studies (ENGL 485).  The topics covered in these seminars will vary from semester to semester--some may explore a particular literary problem such as collaboration, or they may cover a particular period such as the Beat Generation, or they could investigate a linguistics issue.
  • You may take the English Internship as Capstone (ENGL 498).  The internship will give you hands on experience within a professional setting which engages the skills and knowledge you have developed while an English major.
  • You may prepare an Honor Thesis (ENGL 499).  Such a thesis is an extended work of scholarship or creative production.  You will need to find a thesis director willing to work with you independently, and you will have to defend your thesis before a committee.

All of these courses will require you to finish your major portfolio and submit that portfolio to the department as a requirement for graduation.

10.  What do I do about a bursar's hold?

Answer:  If you have an outstanding bill to TU of over $200, a bursar's hold may prevent you from registering--in which case you must make payment for the hold to be lifted.  For information about paying bills or checking your account balance, go to the Bursar's Office website at http://www.towson.edu/bursar/.

11.  How do I apply for graduation?

Answer:  If you're applying for the first time, you can apply online.  Otherwise, phone the Graduation Office.  For details and more information, see http://www.towson.edu/registrar/Graduation/.

12.  How do I find out if I've been approved for graduation?

Answer:  Your academic requirement report should indicate if you've met all the requirements.  If it erroneously reports a major category requirement as unfulfilled, contact your advisor to find out what the problem is so that it can be corrected.

13.  Where can I find information about English internships and internship possibilities?

Answer:  Contact Professor Carl Behm, cbehm@towson.edu, 410-704-3600, LA 4341.



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