IV. Capstone Experience (3 units)

    One of the following in the final year:

      ENGL 485-6 Seminar in English Studies (3)

      ENGL 498 English Internship as Capstone (3)

      ENGL 499 Honors Thesis (3)

In your senior year, you will have to take one of the courses that fulfill the Capstone Experience.  These courses are designed to allow you to bring together the skills you have learned as an English major, reflect on what you have learned, and use that knowledge.

There are three ways to fulfill the requirement: 

  • You may take a Seminar in English Studies (ENGL 485-6).  The topics covered in these seminars will vary from semester to semester--some may explore a particular literary problem such as collaboration, or they may cover a particular period such as the Beat Generation, or they could investigate a linguistics issue.
  • You may take the English Internship as Capstone (ENGL 498).  The internship will give you hands on experience within a professional setting which engages the skills and knowledge you have developed while an English major.
  • You may prepare an Honor Thesis (ENGL 499).  Such a thesis is an extended work of scholarship or creative production.  You will need to find a thesis director willing to work with you independently, and you will have to defend your thesis before a committee.

All of these courses will require you to finish your major portfolio on LiveText and submit that portfolio to the department as a requirement for graduation.




• Graduation Commencement Ceremony for:
College of Liberal Arts. January 7, 2007 (Sunday)   2 p.m.



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