Requirements: 42 credits, each course to be completed with a grade of C or better. No more than 15 credits at the lower level may be counted towards the major.




24 credits, Education and Literature tracks; 21 credits, Writing track


Note: In fulfilling the requirements below, students must select at least one course in American literature and one in literature written prior to 1798; courses that fulfill the latter requirement are designated by an asterisk.


In addition, the department strongly recommends that any student who plans to major in English complete ENGL 102, Writing for a Liberal Education, or ENGL 190, Honors Writing Seminar, during the first year.


I. Historical Development (15 credits)

   A. Both of the following: (6 credits)


       ENGL 221 British Literature to 1798 (3)

       ENGL 222 British Literature since 1798 (3)


   B. Two of the following literary periods: (6 credits)


       ENGL 321 Medieval British Literature* (3)

       ENGL 323 British Renaissance Literature* (3)

       ENGL 324 British Literature of the Later Renaissance* (3)

       ENGL 325 Eighteenth-Century British Literature* (3)

       ENGL 326 British Romantic Period (3)

       ENGL 327 Victorian A8e (3)

       ENGL 431 American Romantic Period (3)

       ENGL 432 American Realistic Period (3)


Note: In consultation with his or her major adviser and with the prior approval of the department chairperson, a student may substitute selected genre or topics courses for one of the two literary periods required in I.B.

   C. One of the following coursess in the development of a literary genre (3 credits)


       ENGL 322 British Medieval and Renaissance Drama* (3)

       ENGL 331 American Drama (3)

       ENGL 344 The Continental Novel (3)

       ENGL 345 Perspectives in World Drama (3)

       ENGL 346 Modern Drama (3)

       ENGL 420 Development of the British Novel: Eighteenth Century* (3)

       ENGL 421 Development of the British Novel: Nineteenth Century (3)

       ENGL 422 Development of the British Novel: Twentieth Century (3)

       ENGL 423 Modern British Poetry (3)

       ENGL 433 American Short Story (3)

       ENGL 435 Development of the American Novel: Nineteenth Century (3)

       ENGL 436 Development of the American Novel: Twentieth Century (3)

       ENGL 437 American Poetry through Frost (3)

       ENGL 438 Modern American Poetry' (3))

       ENGL 439 Modern, World Poetry (3)

       ENGL 441 Modern Fiction to World War 11 (3)

       ENGL 442 Modern Fiction since World War II (3)


II. Analysis and Methodology (6 credits, Education and Literature tracks; 3

    credits, Writing track)


    A. Formal Study of Genre (3 credits)

    One of the following:


       ENGL 261 Tradition and Form in Western Poetry (3)

       ENGL 263 Tradition and Form in Western Fiction (3)

       ENGL 265 Tradition and Form in Western Drama (3)


       Note: Education track requires ENGL 261.


    B. Research Methods and Approaches to Literary Analysis (3 credits. Education

         and Literature tracks)


        ENGL 361 Literary Research and Applied Criticism (3)


Note: Recommended but not required in the Writing track. May be used to

fulfill categories IV or V in the Writing track.  Effective Fall 2005, the catalog number was changed to ENGL 300.

III. Expository Writing (3 credits)

One of the following:


       ENGL 310 Writing Argument (3)

       ENGL 313 Academic Essay (3)

       ENGL 315 Literary Essay (3)

       ENGL 316 Writing about Literature (3)

       WMST 333 Women's Words, Women's Lives (3)



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