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English 498 fulfills the Capstone Requirement of the English Major.  Thus it should be taken during your senior year. 


An internship is a bridge between the university and the workplace.  It gives you the opportunity to explore the practical application of your skills in writing, editing, oral communication, critical thinking, literary analysis, and research.  And it lets you test whether a career in publishing, journalism, public relations, or business is right for you before you accept that important first job after college.


Nationwide, employers emphasize the importance of internships; indeed, a significant number of employers—38%—report that they specifically look for internship experience on the resume of job applicants.  And a letter of recommendation from the supervisor of your internship can be invaluable in helping you to land the job you want after graduation.




If you’re interested in the Internship as Capstone, you should first meet with Dr. Carl Behm, who coordinates the program.  Dr. Behm may be reached by e-mail (cbehm@towson.edu) or by telephone (410-704-3600).  His office is in Liberal Arts 4341.  To be eligible for an internship, you must


  • be an English major, have completed ENGL 200 with a grade of C or higher, and have initiated your English Major Assessment Portfolio (a requirement for satisfactory completion of ENGL 200);
  • have completed (or be completing concurrently) all (or nearly all) the requirements of the English major;
  • have a 2.7 cumulative GPA at Towson University or obtain a waiver of this requirement from Dr. Behm.

Selecting and Registering for an Internship


Students eligible for the Internship as Capstone should meet with Glenda Henkel or a member of her staff in the Internship Office of the Career Center.  The best way to make an appointment is by telephoning 410-704-2233 and speaking with the receptionist.  Should you need to reach Ms. Henkel directly, her contact information is ghenkel@towson.edu or 410-704-2932.  The counselors in the Internship Office will assist you with your internship placement.  You may choose from dozens of approved internships or you may “self-select” your internship subject to Dr. Behm’s approval.


You may register for ENGL 498 at any time, either before or after you finalize your placement.  First, you will need Dr. Behm’s permission to register, after which you may obtain the necessary permission code from Susan Weininger, the administrative assistant in the English Department office.  You may contact Ms. Weininger by e-mail (sweininger@towson.edu) or by telephone (410-704-2871.


Requirements and Grading

To earn credit for ENGL 498 you must


  • earn at least a satisfactory rating from your employment supervisor;
  • work a minimum of 108 hours on the job;
  • complete any requirements of the Career Center;
  • update Dr. Behm regularly throughout the semester, either in person or by e-mail;
  • arrange for Dr. Behm to visit you at the job site, preferably no later than midsemester;
  • complete the English Major Assessment Portfolio subject to Dr. Behm’s approval;
  • complete the following written requirements for ENGL 498 and submit them to Dr. Behm no later than the last day of classes for the semester:
    • a first report (to be submitted after you have completed approximately 20 hours on the job) that details your responsibilities, the nature of the supervision provided by your employer, and any problems you have encountered (see the attached form);
    • an original or research-based project related to the work you are doing at your internship, the subject to be decided upon by you and your supervisor and approved by Dr. Behm;
    • a final report describing and evaluating your internship experience (see the attached form);
    • a log of hours detailing your work each week.


The Internship as Capstone employs regular (A to F) grading.  Dr. Behm will determine your grade as follows:


Your employment supervisor’s evaluation of such things as mastery of necessary skills, initiative, effort, improvement, punctuality, appearance, and attitude will determine 70% of your final average.


Dr. Behm’s evaluation of your reports, assessment portfolio, and ability to complete all requirements in a timely and professional manner will determine the remaining 30% of your final average.  It is imperative that you work closely with Dr. Behm and meet your deadlines.


N.B.:  Failure to complete either your assessment portfolio or the final report will result in a grade of F for the course.




(1)  Your name, student ID number, address, telephone number(s), and e-mail address:

(2)  The company or organization’s  name and address:

       Your supervisor’s name, position, and telephone number:

(3)  Your work schedule (days and hours):

(4)  Your duties and responsibilities (describe in detail): 

(5)  Your learning goals: 

(6)  Nature of supervision: 

(7)  Initial impressions:

       Problems, or potential problems?

       Suggestions you would like me to mention to your supervisor?

        Is the internship experience everything you had hoped it would be so far?




The Final Report is an important requirement of the Internship as Capstone.  It should describe in detail the work you did and the things you learned.  It should contain examples of your work and discuss them in the context of your training.  Finally, it should evaluate the experience and make suggestions for improving the internship experience.


These are the specific requirements:


  • Due date:  No later than the last day of classes.
  • Length:  A minimum of five double-spaced, typed pages, exclusive of examples.
  • Contents:
    • Description of your duties, with examples of your work;
    • Analysis of this on-the-job experience in terms of your professional growth and experience as an English major;
    • Comments on the nature of and value of the supervision you had;
    • An appendix of examples of your work (when appropriate), containing any published work, letters, press releases, and unpublished work.

Please submit the report—in hard copy—to Dr. Behm in LA 4341.  If Dr. Behm is not available, please give your report to one of the administrative assistants in the main English Department offices. 


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Behm, either by telephone (410-704-3600), by e-mail (cbehm@towson.edu), or in person (LA 4341).  Office hours are posted beside the door.



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