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Individual Degree Completion Plans

What is an Individual Degree Completion Plan (IDCP)?

Your Individual Degree Completion Plan (IDCP) is part of a new advising strategy to help students more efficiently map the path towards graduation. Note that Maryland State Law (MD Senate Bill 740) requires that all students complete this plan.

You can use the TEMPLATE to develop a personalized plan of study for your academic career. This will allow you to clearly see what needs to be accomplished and in what timeframe to meet your goals. This plan can help save time and money by highlighting a more direct route towards degree completion and graduation.

All students with 45 credit hours will need to complete a plan. Because we need to “catch up” all students with 45 – 90 credits in Spring 2015 will need to complete a plan.

How do I complete the IDCP?   ...Follow the numbers!!

#1     To complete your plan, start by clicking the INSTRUCTIONS link.          

#2    Finally, here is the Excel Template for your Individual Degree Completion Plan. If you do not have Excel you can obtain a student copy from TU's Office of Technology Services and all campus computers have Microsoft Office loaded. PLEASE SUBMIT THE FILE AS AN EXCEL FILE!

#3    You will also need to access some additional information on your Towson Online Services page AND you will need some additional documents including:

1. ESS Track Checklists (immediately below)

2. Course Rotation Scheme (when courses are offered)





ESS Checklists

Below are ESS checklists used for academic advising and to help you progress through the major.  They are listed by track/concentration here:

Environmental Biology

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Geology

Environmental Geography

Environmental Health

Environmental Science

Environmental Policy

Directed Studies

Informal Environmental Education (IEE)


If you are under a catalog with Gen Ed requirements, you can track those requirements here:

GenEd Requirements


Other Academic Resources

Students in the Environmental Science and Studies program at Towson often ask for additional information about academic resources. The following links address some of these issues.

Academic Achievement Center
The Academic Achievement Center helps students succeed. Every semester workshops are offered that will give you advice on such topics as approaches to learning, time management, how to study for math and science, preparation for finals, etc. They are a wonderful resource—if you use them!

Graduate Programs
The following listing of Web sites identify graduate programs with different areas of focus.

Writing Help
Students come into the environmental field from a range of disciplines and are often writing papers for a scientific audience.  Readers with a science background come to the text with a set of expectations, (i.e., you don’t quote extensive sections of text, you provide in text citations).  Detailed information on these stylistic conventions can be found at Scientific Writing Style (PDF).  If you are writing a review paper rather than a primary research paper you will probably deviate from this form a bit, but this gives you a sense of expectation and how to site a range of sources. Another valuable resource is Towson University's Online Writing Support website.

Graduate Student Help Center
A Help Center for graduate students has been set up to assist with formal writing and research design and statistics. Tutors are available in afternoons, evenings and Saturdays, making it easier to students to meet with them.

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