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Environmental Science and Studies

Environmental Policy/Management Track

The major in Environmental Science and Studies with a concentration in Environmental Policy/Management requires 70-73 units. Students select this track if their primary interest is in issues related to infrastructure development and implementation of environmental programs and regulations. Students graduating from this track are prepared for graduate study or careers in local, state or national governmental agencies, and the non-profit and private sectors.

Required Courses

Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics (22-24 units)

BIOL 201 Cellular Biology and Genetics (4 units)
BIOL 202 Introduction to Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (4 units)
CHEM 104 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry (4 units)
GEOL 121 Physical Geology (4 units)
One of the following:
MATH 119 Pre-Calculus (4 units)
MATH 211 Calculus for Applications (3 units)
One of the following:
MATH 231 Basic Statistics (3 units)
MATH 237 Elementary Biostatistics (4 units)
GEOG 375 Quantitative Methods in Geography (3 units)
ECON 205 Statistics for Business and Economics (3 units)
Advanced Writing (3 units)
One of the following:
ENGL 318 Advanced Informational Writing (3 units)
ENVS 337 The Chesapeake Bay and Its Watershed (3 units)
GEOG 383 Natural Resources and Society (3 units)
Environmental Geography, Ethics and Health (12 units)
GEOG 101 Physical Geography (3 units)
GEOG 410 Environmental Geography (3 units)
HLTH 451 Introduction to Environmental Health (3 units)
PHIL 255 Environmental Ethics (3 units)
Economics and Political Science (12 units)
Students complete two, two-course sequences, one upper-level and one lower-level course in both Political Science and Economics.
ECON 201 Microeconomic Principles(3 units)
ECON 375 Environmental Economics (3 units)
ECON 376 Natural Resource Economics (3 units)
POSC 103 American National Government (3 units)
POSC 207 State Government (3 units)
POSC 421 Politics and Environmental Policy (3 units)
Applications (3 units)
One of the following:
ENVS 482 Environmental Research (3 units)
ENVS 485 Environmental Internship (3 units)
ENVS 491 Senior Seminar (3 units)

Electives (18-19 units)

Any five courses selected from the following list and one additional elective from any Environmental Science and Studies Track:
BIOL 306 Human Ecology and Sustainability (3 units)
ECON 325 Economic Development (3 units)
ECON 337 Public Finance (3 units)
ECON 351 Urban Economics (3 units)
ECON 375 Environmental Economics (3 units) (if not taken as part of required coursework)
ECON 376 Natural Resources Economics (3 units) (if not taken as part of required coursework)
ECON 470-9 Topics in Economics (3 units) (with approval of program director)
PHIL 319 Science, Technology and Values (3 units)
POSC 305 Urban Government and Politics (3 units)
POSC 470-9 Special Topics in Political Science (3 units) (with approval of program director)
POSC 481 Seminar: Public Policy Analysis (3 units)
POSC 488 Seminar: Energy Policy (3 units)
WMST 345 Women, Development and Environment (3 units)


Environmental Science and Studies Program
Psychology Building, Room 210
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 410-704-4920
E-mail: Dr. Christopher Salice at

ESS in the classroom.

Many classes focus on local environmental problems from the adjacent urban/suburban area and their impact on the surrounding region and its residents.





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