An entrepreneurial edge

It may be a Small Business Development Center, but there's nothing small about its mission, its support, its influence--or its regional economic impact. [more]

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Let it snow

Campus 'snowbusters' primed for winter's worst

When the weather delivers a one-two punch, a special group of TU employees is itching to fight back.[more...]

So they said...

Winter dawn is the color of metal,

The trees stiffen into place like burnt nerves.

Sylvia Plath, 1932-1963

Waking in Winter

Express yourself

Community Art Center classes to begin next week 

What?    Winter art classes for children, teens and adults

When?   Beginning January 18 and 22

Where? Enrollment Services, off Osler Drive

Why?     Learn from highly qualified professional artists and educators

in a noncredit, noncompetitive and positive atmosphere

Who?     For more information, call Bonnie Reynolds, x42351.

Recent Media Highlights

Another black eye for media, administration, January 12

Martha Joynt Kumar, Department of Political Science, told nationally syndicated columnist Helen Thomas that "it is now--and always has been--bad practice to blur the lines between being a journalist and serving the government in an official capacity." Thomas' column focused on conservative commentator Armstrong Williams' admission that the U.S. Department of Education paid him $240,000 to promote the Bush administration's "No Child Left Behind" program. 

Opinion: Yates deserves new trial, then prison

The Sun, January 12

Richard Vatz, Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies argued in his op-ed piece that the decision by a Texas appeals court throwing out Andrea Yates' convictions in the drowning deaths of her five children and ordering a new trial should not affect the ultimate disposition of her case. He wrote that Yates should, after the new trial, "be incarcerated for the rest of her life because I believe she knew precisely what she was doing."

To the editor: Comics can put reticent readers on the right path

The Sun, January 8

Kate Power, Department of Elementary Education, cautioned about the collaboration with the Walt Disney Co. mentioned in the January 4 feature, "Comics being drawn into lesson plans to encourage students to learn." While encouraged by the comics initiatives, she urged readers to "remember that although Disney characters appeal to children, they are also advertisements. Disney does not need more access to the hearts and minds of our children than it already has."


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