Talking up Towson

Raymond P. Lorion, recently appointed dean of the College of Education, says encouragement from other distinguished educators influenced his decision to come to TU. [more]

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Sign of the times

Deaf studies is one of TU's fastest-growing undergraduate majors

In 1999, when Sheryl Cooper wrote the prospectus for TU's deaf studies major, she thought the fledgling program might enroll 30 students by this spring.

She was off by more than 100.[more...]

So they said...

Quotes worth noting from contemporary and historic sources

"Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education; they grow there, firm as weeds among rocks."

Charlotte Brontë, 1816-1855

Unraveling the Web

Congressman, college to host Web-based Resources Forum

U.S. Rep. Benjamin Cardin and TU's College of Education want to help teachers navigate their way through the vast--and sometimes daunting--

array of federal Web-based resources.[more...]

Recent Media Highlights

Return slowly to exercise

Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer, May 4

Weekend warriors seeking to get in shape for their favorite sports should start slowly, advises John Poitras, Athletics, in an interview with The Sun 's Annie Linskey. Poitras said walking "will teach you a lot about what you can and can not do. Walk for half an hour--see if your knees hurt, see if your hips ache. If not, try a light jog next time."

Bush defends Year-Ago Claim of End of 'Major Combat' in Iraq

The Washington Post , May 1

One year after President Bush declared victory in Iraq on an aircraft carrier beneath a "Mission Accomplished" banner, writer Mike Allen noted that the episode illustrates how quickly political advantage can change because of unpredictable world events. Martha Kumar, Department of Political Science, said the carrier landing "looked too good to be true" and said Bush's aides are so skilled as stagecraft that the visuals "can overtake or confuse the message."   

Towson softball second and aiming higher

The Sun , April 29

Tiger softball coach Lisa Costello told Sun staff writer Bill Free that her second-place team hoped to unseat first-place Hofstra in league tournament play."This team has been pointing toward winning the CAA tournament since fall ball," she said. "I like our new attitude of expecting to win and expecting to beat Hofstra." The CAA tournament is May 13-16.

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