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Forty-two graduate students are shuttling between campuses in Baltimore County and Baltimore City as part of a newly launched dual-degree program...[more]

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Know before it snows

TU Emergency Closing Policy Q & A

Snow happens, as do other events that disrupt normal campus operations. So take a few minutes to reacquaint yourself with TU's emergency closing policy--you'll be glad you knew what to expect when the unexpected arises.[more...]

So they said...

Quotes worth noting from contemporary and historic sources

"Ideas are great arrows, but there has to be a bow. And politics is the bow of idealism."

Bill Moyers, 1934-

The write stuff

Conference to feature NEA chair Dana Gioia

What? Baltimore Writers' Conference, with poet and critic Dana Gioia,

novelist and film critic Stephen Hunter, and dozens of presenters

When? Saturday, November 13,  8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Where? TU's University Union

Why? It's a wonderful way to explore the craft and business of writing.

How? For details, go to

Recent Media Highlights

Bush's Gains Among Black Voters Face Test With Clinton Return, October 25

President Bush, who by some estimates has doubled his support among black Americans since 2000, is about to face the biggest threat to those gains in Bill Clinton, who returned to the campaign trail this week. Martha Joynt Kumar, Department of Political Science, said Clinton is an effective communicator who would no doubt remind voters that he presided over most of the record peacetime economic expansion.

Md. Employers Whittle 2,400 Jobs Last Month

WTOP Radio Network, October 25

John Hopkins, RESI, expressed surprise at a U.S. Labor Department estimate indicating state employers cut 2,400 jobs in September, much of the loss attributed to a large shedding of government positions. Hopkins said the recently released statistics don't match the message he's hearing. "Being out in the community, talking with business leaders, the economy is viewed as being strong," he added.

'Side by Side' Blends Old & Young Dancers

The Washington Post, October 18

Critic Lisa Traiger reviewed a shared bill of works by choreographers Jane Franklin and Vincent E. Thomas that combined "a gaggle of tender-footed girls under 12 and--on video only--a handful of certified senior discount holders." Thomas' The Grandmother Project included dancers from TU's Children's Dance Division, "who giggled, skipped and played hand-clapping rhythm games in this memory-infused piece."


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