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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I limited to an exchange with TU’s partner institutions?
It is preferable to plan an exchange with an established partner institution. However, if you have an opportunity for an exchange elsewhere, contact the Office of International Programs to discuss what arrangements are possible.

Q: What would I be expected to do during an exchange?
TU faculty members are expected to teach one to three courses per semester at the host university overseas and/or engage in a specified research project during the period of their exchange. In a staff exchange, TU staff members are paired with their counterparts at the partner institution and work on collaborative projects that will benefit both schools and enhance the relationship for future exchanges.

Q: May I teach in English?
Yes, you may teach in English at all of the partner schools, with the exception of Sangmyung University and Sogang University in Korea.

Q: What is the typical length of an exchange visit?
The length of a faculty exchange is generally one academic semester or year. Shorter faculty exchanges are possible in January and during the summer. Staff exchanges are typically four weeks. The minimum exchange period for both faculty and staff is four weeks, if you expect to apply for travel funds.

Example of a short-term exchange arrangement:
A TU faculty or staff member goes abroad from mid-May to early July when foreign universities are still in session. The exchange partner then visits TU from September to early October, prior to the start of the foreign school’s academic year.

Q: Must there be a simultaneous exchange of personnel?
No, a simultaneous exchange is not required. However, over a period of three years, the exchanges at any particular institution should be in balance. In the case of faculty exchange, if a professor from the foreign institution does not cover the TU faculty member’s teaching load, the department will need to hire a temporary replacement for you.

Q: Do I need to take a sabbatical or leave of absence?
No. The faculty or staff member continues to receive his/her salary and full benefits from TU during the exchange period.

Q: What about housing?
Ideally, exchange participants trade houses. However, when this is not possible, arrangements can be made through the host university abroad to secure accommodations on or off campus. Universities in China often provide housing for “foreign experts.” Discuss housing options with the Office of International Programs staff and former faculty or staff exchange participants. You are also free to make your own arrangements. Any housing expense is the responsibility of the exchange participant.

Q: What travel resources are available on the internet?
Click Here for a list of travel-related websites.




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