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On Thursday, March 9, Dr. Kofi Placid Adragni, Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Maryland–Baltimore County, presented a colloquium talk on Covariates-Contributed Sufficient Dimension Reduction. The talk took place at 4 pm, in Room 320 of 7800 York Road

Abstract: Sufficient dimension reduction methods are designed to help reduce the dimensionality of data sets without loss of regression information for a better visualization, prediction, and modeling. We develop their first use for dependent multi-dimensional features with respect to an outcome of interest in the presence of other covariates. Existing likelihood-based sufficient dimension reduction methods assumes the existence of independent and identically distributed sample. However, observations are often recorded on subjects or clusters. While the observations from cluster to cluster could be independent, the within-cluster observations are likely dependent. Treating the within-cluster observations as independent may adversely affect the estimation of the central subspace. The parameters in the proposed models reside in Grassmann manifold, and also in the manifolds of symmetric positive definite matrices. We propose a maximum likelihood estimation of these parameters in their natural parameter-spaces when the observations are dependent within clusters.

Recent Mathematics Colloquium Talks

Date Topic Speaker
Mar 9, 2017 Covariates-contributed sufficient dimension reduction Dr. Kofi Placid Adragni, UMBC
Nov 10, 2016 Dimensions of spline spaces and commutative algebra Dr. Michael DiPasquale,
Oklahoma State University
Oct 13, 2016 A lattice theorist's apology Dr. Jonathan Farley,
Morgan State University
Oct 6, 2016 The idea of dimension in model theory and discrete mathematics Dr. Cameron D. Hill, Wesleyan University
Sept 22, 2016 Jonathan Farley's mathematical terror theory: The structure of perfect terrorist cells with a single leader Ms. Zeinab Bandpey,
Morgan State University
Feb 16, 2016 Room for one more: The stochastic art of John Shier Dr. Barry Cipra
Jan 29, 2016 Discrete maximal functions over hypersurfaces: The Calderon transference principle and the Hasse principle Dr. Kevin Hughes,
University of Bristol (U.K.)
Dec 2, 2015 Multigrid methods for optimal control problems in fluid flow Dr. Ana-Maria Soane,
U.S. Naval Academy
May 7, 2015 High-order accurate numerical methods for elliptic and parabolic interface problems Dr. Yekaterina Epshteyn,
University of Utah
April 2, 2015 Adverse selection in secondary insurance markets: Evidence from the life settlement market Dr. Daniel Bauer,
Georgia State University
March 6, 2015 Poincare-Betti series of monomial rings Dr. Gwyneth Whieldon,
Hood College