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Adopted by FCSM Chairs' Council, July 13, 2011

Adjunct Faculty members who are determined by the University to have a consistent record of exceptional, high-quality instruction may be considered for Adjunct Faculty II status after meeting the following criteria:

  1. having taught at least three years at the University for a total of at least 12 courses of three credits or more;
  2. being evaluated and showing outstanding performance over the course of at least twelve full semester courses at the University; and
  3. having requested consideration to Adjunct II status in writing to the department chairperson accompanied by a supporting dossier (details below) that documents the required length of service and coursework, the exceptional quality of teaching and compliance with college/department adjunct evaluation guidelines. The dossier folder would be reviewed by at least three faculty members familiar with the courses taught, to assess the quality of the Adjunct Faculty member's instruction, including whether the courses are appropriately rigorous. Advancement to Adjunct II status is meant to provide recognition to those adjunct faculty that regularly exhibit exceptional teaching as demonstrated by positive student outcomes. The department chairperson and college dean will provide a written recommendation to the Provost on the granting of Adjunct II status.

An Adjunct I faculty member who meets the above requirements must submit a written request for consideration for promotion to Adjunct II to the department chairperson no later that the 1st Friday in March. This letter must be accompanied by a dossier containing and ordered as follows:

"" 1. Section I: Curriculum vitae
  2. Section II: The letter requesting consideration for promotion
  3. Section III:
All student evaluations that cover at least three years at Towson University and twelve three credit full semester courses. This section should also include at least three peer evaluations, course syllabi for all courses taught, grade distributions for all courses taught and sample assessment tools. The applicant should also include a narrative statement about individual teaching philosophy, an interpretation of the student course evaluations, and an interpretation of peer evaluations.
  4. Section IV: Recommendations from the department chairperson and the dean of the college (to be added by the chairperson and dean).

The dossier must be received by the Office of the Provost no later than the 1st Friday in April. By the 1st Friday in June, the Provost's letter of decision is conveyed to the faculty member, department, and college dean.

All promotions to Adjunct Faculty II will be effective at the beginning of the following fall semester and any courses taught by new Adjunct Faculty II will be compensated at the new salary rate (10% above the base for Adjunct Faculty I). Teaching experience at TU prior to September 1, 2011 may count towards Adjunct II requirements if for those semesters teaching evaluations were performed and meet the guidelines set by the college/department. The earliest that adjuncts may be considered for Adjunct II is during the spring 2012 semester. The earliest that Adjunct II status will go into effect is for the fall 2012 semester.


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