Jess & Mildred Fisher College of Science & Mathematics


Adopted by FCSM Chairs' Council, July 13, 2011

  1. For Adjunct Faculty positions the hiring FCSM Department should:
    1. Write an announcement for the position(s) which includes the description(s) of the course(s) to be taught, the timeframe for the position(s), specific required credentials/experience for the position(s). Generally a Master's degree or equivalent is a minimum qualification for an Adjunct appointment.
    2. Assess qualifications of applicants by review of curriculum vitae/resume, review of prior teaching experience, two recommendations (verbal and/or written), and an official transcript of highest degree earned and transcript to date for applicants pursuing graduate degrees (unofficial transcript may be used for initial contact but official transcripts need to be obtained prior to employment). The hiring process will follow USM and University guidelines on Equal opportunity and affirmative action.
    3. Applicants should come in for an interview with department chair or Chair's designee after review of application materials
    4. FCSM guidelines will be in compliance with the Towson University Guidelines (02-01.07) on the Employment of Adjunct Faculty.

  2. Appointment of FCSM Adjunct Faculty Members
    1. Contracts and Letters of Appointment: Each Adjunct Faculty member, including both Adjunct Faculty I and Adjunct Faculty II, shall be provided a written contract or formal letter of appointment prior to the beginning of the assignment, which includes:
      1. position title;
      2. contract term;
      3. per-course compensation;
      4. description of the assignment;
      5. institution benefits, if any;
      6. performance evaluation guidelines and procedures; and,
      7. explanation of the implications of course cancellation before the start date.
    2. guidelines: Upon signing a contract, the Adjunct Faculty member will receive electronic access to the University's faculty handbook and University and USM guidelines, including those guidelines explaining the benefits for which the Adjunct Faculty member may be eligible.
    3. Provisions for Adjunct Faculty II
      1. After designation as Adjunct Faculty II at the University, a faculty member:
        1. Shall receive compensation at a new salary rate 10% above the base for Adjunct Faculty I.
        2. Shall be given priority consideration, to the extent operationally feasible, among Adjunct Faculty for future teaching assignments in the subjects for which the Adjunct Faculty member has had consistent and successful instructional experience at the University.
        3. May be eligible for longer term appointments that assure the Adjunct Faculty member assignment to a fixed number of classes during the term of the appointment.
        4. The designation of a faculty member as Adjunct Faculty II will not prevent the faculty member from competition for or selection into another faculty position.

  3. Teaching Assignments: The appointing department shall provide Adjunct Faculty with reasonable and adequate notice of projected teaching assignments prior to the start of classes.
    1. The University has the goal of providing such notice 45 days before the class start date, to the extent feasible. Nothing in this section shall prevent a department from making an Adjunct Faculty teaching appointment on short notice based on changed circumstances in class enrollments, the availability of resources, or other factors.
    2. If the University has a fall or spring semester class to which an Adjunct Faculty member has been assigned that is cancelled (or reassigned) less than 30 days prior to the class start date, and has been unable to offer the Adjunct Faculty member re-assignment to a comparable class, the University shall compensate the Adjunct Faculty member 10% of the payment amount specified in the contract or appointment letter for that class.

  4. Adjunct Faculty members will be provided the following in support of their teaching:
    1. information on FCSM and department guidelines, requirements, learning outcomes and goals for each course, along with access to examples of past course syllabi;
    2. an official schedule of classes, including academic calendar and time frames of class meetings;
    3. assistance in the selection of textbook(s) for the course(s) and ancillaries for the text(s), if these are not otherwise selected by the department;
    4. a University email account along with access to on-campus computing facilities; and
    5. for Adjunct Faculty teaching face-to-face classes on campus;
      1. telephone or other voice access, as appropriate;
      2. necessary office supplies;
      3. copying services for course materials; and
      4. appropriate space for meeting with students during scheduled office hours.

  5. Process Related to the Termination of Adjunct Faculty: All Adjunct Faculty members shall have the opportunity for an informal hearing at the level of the appropriate dean's office before termination of an appointment within the term of the faculty member's contract. The University may remove the Adjunct Faculty member from the classroom, while continuing to pay the faculty member, pending the outcome of the hearing.

  6. Participation in the Campus Community
    1. Integration into Towson University Life: Adjunct Faculty members shall be invited, to the extent feasible, to participate in the scholarly, intellectual, academic, and social life aspects of the department, college and University.
    2. Shared Governance Participation:
      1. The University shall provide opportunities for Adjunct Faculty to communicate their concerns to campus administrators, provide advice in the development and implementation of guidelines and procedures related to adjunct faculty, and participate in shared governance through the formation of an Adjunct Faculty advisory committee in each college that will meet periodically, but not fewer than two times per year, with the dean of the college. Each department will provide the names of two adjuncts (elected by all the adjuncts in that department) to the Dean's Office in September and the Dean will schedule the meetings for that academic year.
      2. Each college Adjunct Faculty committee will elect a representative to meet with the Provost twice a year, in the fall and spring sessions.


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