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Fisher College Honors Its Faculty and Staff at Fall Forum

2013 faculty and staff awardees at the FCSM Fall Forum
Front, left to right: Dr. Jennifer Scott, Ms. Judith Macks,
Dr. Ryan Casey, Dr. Richard Seigel and Dr. Thomas Krause.
Back, left to right: Ms. Diana Bohle, Dr. Robert Hammell,
and Dr. Josh Dehlinger.

Towson University (Nov. 22, 2013) — The Jess and Mildred Fisher College of Science held its annual Fall Forum where outstanding faculty and staff are honored. Dr. Honi Bamberger, chairperson of the Fisher College Council, gave a few opening remarks and introduced David Vanko, Dean of the Fisher College. Dean Vanko in turn introduced Dr. Timothy Chandler, Provost of Towson University, who gave some welcoming remarks. These were followed by each department chairperson introducing new faculty and staff who have joined their department this Fall.

Next, Dean David Vanko gave his 2013 State of the Fisher College address.

As the central theme of the Fall Forum, recipients of the Faculty and Staff Awards were introduced and presented with plaques.


Professor Emeritius Jame Hull Receives Volunteer Award from Alumni Association

  Ms. Barbara Shifflett-Kenneally, Dr. James Hull and Mr. Lance Johnson
  Ms. Barbara Shifflett-Kenneally (Alumni Association Board Member), Dr. James Hull and Mr. Lance Johnson (Alumni Association President)

Towson University (October 2013) — As printed in the Awards Ceremony booklet, “This year’s recipient is Dr. James Hull. Professor Emeritus Hull retired in 2008 from the Department of Biological Sciences where he was actively involved in the development of the current department curriculum for the biology major. He was a member of the University Admissions Committee for over 20 years and served as chair of that committee for over 10 of those years. During his time at TU he served as greenhouse coordinator, taking over nine greenhouses that were non-functional, and converting them to spaces which are actively used for classes and research. Even in retirement, he continues to work diligently on behalf of his discipline and on behalf of Towson University. Dr. Hull has served as the Founding Director of the Glen Arboretum. Under Dr. Hull's leadership the Glen Arboretum is serving faculty and students who conduct research projects within the Glen. Faculty use the Glen Arboretum for instruction and over 1,000 students each year participate in classroom-related activities and laboratories linked to the Glen. Dr. Hull has also enlisted the community to engage in volunteer efforts to label the trees and remove invasive, non-native species. Dr. Hull is also actively involved with efforts to raise funds for the continued maintenance of the Glen Arboretum. I am proud to present the Faculty Alumni Volunteer Service Award for 2013 to Dr. Hull.”


Fisher College Professors Receive a NSF Major Research Instrumentation Grant

Dr. Brian Masters  
Dr. Brian Masters  
Towson University (September 2013) — Dr. Brian Masters of the Department of Biological Sciences is the Principal Investigator (PI) of a $133,525 National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Grant. Dr. Nadim Alkharouf of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences and Dr. David Hearn of the Department of Biological Sciences are co-PIs on this grant. The title of the proposal was, "MRI: Acquiring a Next Generation Sequencing Instrument for Towson University."

The award allows for the purchase of a next-generation sequencing instrument. In the past few years next-generation sequencing has revolutionized DNA sequencing technology. The Human Genome Project, which began a little over two decades ago, was carried out to determine the DNA sequence of the human genome. It involved laboratories around the world, and it took ten years and approximately $3 billion to complete. Today, next-generation sequencing instruments could sequence a comparably sized genome in few hours at a material cost of less than a $1000. The instrument being acquired by Towson University will allow the sequencing capacity of our faculty and student researchers to leap from thousands of bases per day to billions of bases per day. The research at Towson University is as diverse as are the potential applications of this instrument. Planned studies include examinations of the evolution of crop plants, the evolution of bacterial pathogens, the structure of populations of endangered amphibians and the mating behavior of birds.


TU selects Dr. Petra A. Tsuji as Fisher Endowed Chair

  Dr. Petra Tsuji
  Dr. Petra A. Tsuji
Towson University (July 30, 2013) — Dr. Petra A. Tsuji, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, joined the faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences in August 2011. Professor Tsuji previously served as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Cancer Institute’s Laboratory of Cancer Prevention (from 2007 to 2011) at the National Institutes of Health. Professor Tsuji earned her Vordiplom (B.S.) and her Diplom-Biologin (M.S.) at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. This was followed by a M.S. in Marine Biology from the University of Charleston, a Ph.D. in Biomedicine/Molecular Biology from the Medical University of South Carolina, and a Master of Public Health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Professor Tsuji teaches Cellular Biology and Genetics. Her research goal is to elucidate the mechanism by which various dietary molecules, particularly those containing selenium, allow for intervention strategies in colorectal cancer. Dr. Tsuji’s research is supported with funds from the Office of Dietary Supplements, and she has published seven journal articles and several book chapters since arriving at Towson University. She has already engaged eight undergraduate students in her research.

See the complete list of current and previous Fisher Endowed Chairs.


TU selects Dr. Joel Moore as Fisher Endowed Chair

Dr. Joel Moore  
Dr. Joel Moore  
Towson University (July 30, 2013) — Dr. Joel Moore, Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences, joined the faculty of the Department of Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences in August 2011. Professor Moore previously served as a Postdoctoral Fellow (from 2008 to 2011) in the Department of Geological Sciences at Northwestern University. Professor Moore earned his B.A. degree in Geology and History from Wheaton College, and his Ph.D. in Geosciences from the Pennsylvania State University.

Professor Moore teaches Physical Geology, Environmental Geology, and Hydrogeology. His research focus is biogeochemistry, with applications to weathering, global tectonics, and atmospheric CO2. His Endowed Chair project will examine the environmental fate and consequences of the application of road salt. Dr. Moore is Principal Investigator on a recently awarded grant from the United States Geological Survey’s Maryland Water Resources Research Center. He has published two journal articles since arriving at Towson University, with one more in press and a fourth, with an undergraduate co-author, in revision.

See the complete list of current and previous Fisher Endowed Chairs.


Fisher College Staff Member Wins Prestigious 2013 USM Regents Award

  Mr. Jeffrey Klupt
  Mr. Jeffrey Klupt
Adelphia, Maryland (July, 2013) — Mr. Jeffery Klupt of the Electronics Shop and the Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences was recognized at the University System of Maryland level for the 2013-2014 Board of Regents Staff Awards. Jeff has been at Towson University for the past 20 years and serves all departments and programs in the Fisher College with a huge demand of effort from Smith Hall programs.

He has a wide range of responsibilities that include instructional and research support that is becoming increasing more complex due to the both the amount and variety of equipment that require his expertise for upkeep and maintenance. Additionally, he is critical to the smooth functioning of the teaching labs and instructional technology used in the lecture halls and classrooms.


Applied Math Lab Students Present Results of Year-Long Research to HUD

AML Students at presentation for Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentWashington, DC (May 22, 2013) — For the duration of AY 2012-2013, the Applied Mathematics Laboratory (AML) worked on a project entitled “Dynamic Modeling of the Racial Composition of Urban Areas Using Markov Chains.” The AML team consisted of seven undergraduate students and two faculty advisors: Ms. Arianna Brown, Ms. Chana Frand, Mr. Brian Lynch, Ms. Molly Rozran, Mr. Mattias Schmid, Mr. Justin Thau, Ms. Brittany Winders, Dr. Angel Kumchev, and Dr. Moustapha Pemy. The students presented their work to a group of researchers form the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), including Deputy Associate Director Mark Shroder, at the HUD Headquarters in Washington, DC.


Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Honors Its Students

Cake with congratulations inscriptionTowson University (April 28, 2013) — The Fisher College of Science and Mathematics held its 23rd Annual Honors Convocation where outstanding students in the college are recognized for their scholarship. In his opening remarks, Dr. David A. Vanko, Dean of the College, described the day as a day of celebration! We are gathered to present awards to many of the most outstanding students in our College. We honor you for your scholarship and we honor you for your leadership. Your identification as individuals who have reached a high level of excellence surely represents the culmination of many years of hard work, and although you probably had the support of family, friends, teachers, or community, we know that one common ingredient that you all have shown is determination. So, just as teachers don't give grades - you have to earn them; we don't simply give out honors, awards and scholarships - you have had to earn them, too. Dean Vanko congratulated the students on a job well done.

Dr. Timothy Chandler, Towson University's Provost, addressed the audience with some very encouraging words for all of the students present.

A slideshow has been posted on this web site at


Dr. Richard Seigel Featured in Article on National Geographic

Northern Map Turtle
Northern Map Turtle

Port Deposit, Maryland (April 26, 2013) — Dr. Richard Seigel, Professor of Biological Sciences, was interviewed by Brian Clark Howard for an article "The Turtle and the Town: Freshwater Species of the Week" that appears on the National Geographic NewsWatch Water Currents website.

Richard Seigel, a professor of biology at Towson University in Maryland, has been studying northern map turtles in the Susquehanna River. His team has been working in the small town of Port Deposit, Maryland, a hamlet of some 653 people that is on the north bank of the river near its mouth in Chesapeake Bay. Water Currents asked Seigel a few questions about the conservation efforts there and this shy turtle, which tends to hide at the slightest suggestion of a threat.


Dr. Gail Gasparich is Recognized for Her Efforts to Promote Diversity

Dr. Gail Gasparich
Dr. Gail Gasparich

Towson University (March 8, 2013) — President Loeschke recognized Gail Gasparich, Associate Dean and Director of FCSM Women in Science Program, for her excellent work in support of advancing the university's commitment to diversity. Dr. Gasparich is one of only four individuals recognized, and she received this award in the Staff category

Towson University's Reflective Process for Diversity has fostered the university's advancement toward an institutionalized model for diversity. The President's Diversity Awards recognize individuals and departments that have made efforts to foster greater awareness, understanding and advancement of diversity and inclusiveness at Towson University. Through this recognition the campus community is encouraged to sustain change that focuses on the strengthening of student intellectual and social development, the purposeful development and utilization of organizational resources to enhance student learning, the enhanced awareness of and appreciation for the variety of backgrounds, perspectives and beliefs held by members of the Towson University community, as well as the establishment and maintenance of a welcoming campus environment that engages all of its diversity in services to students and organizational learning.


Two Fisher College Professors Win Prestigious 2013 USM Regents Award

Dr. Pamela Lottero-Perdue
Dr. Pamela Lottero-Perdue

Towson University (February 27, 2013) — Dr. Pamela Lottero-Perdue, an associate professor of physics, astronomy and geoscience in the Jess and Mildred Fisher College of Science and Mathematics, was granted the award for public service. Through her work, every child in Harford County Public Schools now learns an integrated STEM unit in first through fifth grades.



Dr. Cynthia Zeller
Dr. Cynthia Zeller
Dr. Cynthia Zeller, an associate professor of chemistry, was recognized for her outstanding teaching skills. In her first five years with Towson, she developed eight new courses, many of which she taught herself. Zeller was also the recipient of the 2012 Jess and Mildred Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Excellence in Teaching Award.

Both Dr. Lottero-Perdue and Dr. Zeller will be presented with their awards at a ceremony to be held on Friday, April 12 at the University of Baltimore.

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