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“An Investigation of Leaf and Stem Anatomical Features in Chrysothamnus. Do Anatomical Features Inform Evolutionary Relationships among Species?”
  • Scottie Berk
  • Mentor:  Dr. Roland Roberts, (Biological Sciences)

“Temporal Variation in the Structure of Aquatic Turtle Populations”
  • Nathan Byer
  • Mentor:  Dr. Richard Seigel (Biological Sciences)

“Fine Structure of Olfactory Antennal Sensory Organs of the Cricket, Acheta domesticus
  • Curtisha Charles
  • Mentor:  Dr. Vonnie Shields (Biological Sciences)

“The B-to-Z form DNA Transition”
  • Charlotte Chaze
  • Mentor:  Dr. Richard Preisler (Chemistry)

“The Role of Chemical Denaturants and Helix Stabilizers in Inducing Conformational Transition from B-to-Z DNA”
  • Charlotte Chaze
  • Mentor:  Dr. Richard Preisler (Chemistry)

“Seed Dispersal Pathways of Wavy Leaf Basket Grass”
  • Ken Compher
  • Mentor:  Dr. Vanessa Beauchamp (Biological Sciences)

“Optically Pumping a Dye for Resonance Raman Spectroscopy”
  • Michael DeRito
  • Mentor:  Dr. Jeffrey Simpson (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Development of Design Techniques for Accessible Data Visualization for the Blind: The Weather Map Project”
  • Rhian Driscoll
  • Mentor:  Dr. Suranjan Chakraborty (Computer and Information Sciences)

“Biochemical Characterization of Small Cytochrome Oxidase Proteins”
  • Caitlin Fagan
  • Mentor:  Dr. Matthew Hemm (Biological Sciences)

“Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Solidago sempervirens L.
  • Nyshia Garcia
  • Mentors:  Dr. Rolland Roberts & Dr. Larry Wimmers (Biological Sciences)

“Effects of Thermal Annealing Process on Magnetoresistance of Rare Earth Manganese Oxide Thin Films”
  • Tyler Goehringer
  • Mentor:  Rajeswari Kolagani (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Neural Origins of Intraspecific Variance in Hypoxia Tolerance of Juvenile Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis)”
  • Andrew Gschweng
  • Mentor:  Dr. Jay Nelson (Biological Sciences)

“Investigation into the Essential Amino Acids for Small Protein Ybgt Function in Escherichia coli
  • Brittany Haynes
  • Mentor:  Dr. Matthew Hemm (Biological Sciences)

“A Mammal Species Survey at Eden Mill Nature Center”
  • Rachel Herbert
  • Mentor:  Dr. Harold Beck (Biological Sciences)

“Fledging Behavior of the Mountain Bluebird”
  • Rachel Herbert
  • Mentor:  Dr. L. Scot Johnson (Biological Sciences)

“Cross Species Microsatellite Evaluation: The Case of Simarouba amara and Ailanthus altissima
  • Leteisha Hunt
  • Mentor:  Dr. Roland Roberts (Biological Sciences)

“Synthesis of Phosphanyl(Organyl)Boranes and their uses as Ligands In Transition Metal Complexes”
  • Anthony Jiang
  • Mentor:  Dr. Clare Muhoro, (Chemistry)

“Structural Characterization of Dictyostelium TIR Domain-Containing Proteins”
  • Krista Johnson
  • Mentor:  Dr. Michelle Snyder, (Biological Sciences)

“Determining Drug Output in Two Types of Silicone Implant”
  • Nicole Johnson
  • Mentor:  Dr. Barry Margulies, (Biological Sciences)

“Invasive Ecology of Oplismenus H. undulatifolius (Wavy-Leaf Basket Grass) Based on Mycorrhizal Associations in Northern Maryland Deciduous Forests”
  • Cody Kepner
  • Mentor:  Dr. Vanessa Beauchamp, (Biological Sciences)

“Biochemical Characterization of the Small Cytochrome Oxidase Protein YccB”
  • Meighan LeGrand
  • Mentor:  Dr. Matthew Hemm (Biological Sciences)

“Investigation of ADAD1 for Use in a Multiplex Real Time PCR Assay for the Detection of Sperm in Forensic Samples”
  • Carlo Mercado
  • Mentor:  Dr. Cynthia Zeller, (Chemistry)

“Dendrochronology of Heavy Metal Contamination of Extinct Palmerton, Pennsylvania Zinc Smelting Site”
  • Elizabeth Myers
  • Mentor:  Dr. Steven Lev (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Can Female Mountain Bluebirds Control the Hatching Times of their Eggs”
  • Felicia Napolillo
  • Mentor:  Dr. L. Scott Johnson (Biological Sciences)

“Soil Speciation within Palmerton, Pennsylvania Zinc Smelting Site's Air Shed”
  • Julie New
  • Mentor:  Dr. Steven Lev (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Titanium (II)-Catalyzed Hydroborations of Novel Unsaturated Heteroatomic Substrates”
  • Abdulafeez Oluyadi
  • Mentor:  Dr. Clare Muhoro (Chemistry)

“Effects of Base Substitutions on the Stability of Kissing Loop Complexes”
  • Monica Padgett
  • Mentor:  Dr. Ana Maria Soto (Chemistry)

“Identification and Quantification of Anthropogenic Aerosol Compounds and Levels in Towson, Maryland”
  • Kumaran Ramakrishnan
  • Mentors:  Dr. Kathryn Kautzman (Chemistry)

“Carbon Cycling in an Urban Environment”
  • Michael Reed
  • Mentor:  Dr. Joel Moore (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Palepathology of Cetacean Vertebra from Pope's Creek, Calvert County, Maryland”
  • Allison Ricko
  • Mentor:  Dr. Jonathan Filer (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Pulse Laser Deposition (PLD) of Y2Ba4Cu8O16 (Y248) Epitaxial Thin Films”
  • Evan Schulz
  • Mentor:  Dr. Grace Yong (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“The Role of Dictyostelium TirA in the Signal Transduction Response to Bacterial Prey”
  • Bivor Shrestha
  • Mentor:  Dr. Michelle Snyder (Biological Sciences)

“Detection of Misidentified Plants in the San Juan Estate Cocoa Collection”
  • Michael Smith
  • Mentor:  Dr. Roland Roberts (Biological Sciences)

“DNA Barcoding Polygyrid Land Snails within the Order Stylommatophora using Mitochondrial Gene 12S”
  • Thomas Swauger
  • Mentor:  Dr. Colleen Winters (Biological Sciences)

“The Effects of Urbanization on the Hydrology of Upper Herring Run Watershed”
  • Michael Thorpe
  • Mentor:  Dr. Jonathan Filer (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

“Exploring the Utility of Microsatellites for Unraveling Evolutionary Relationships Among Species of Lorandersonia
  • Joseph Walburn
  • Mentor:  Dr. Roland Roberts (Biological Sciences)


To:  Bridges Conference on Mathematics, Music Art, Architecture, and Culture, Coimbra, Portugal, August 2011
  • Jennifer Marker
  • Nicholas Fout
  • “Folding your way to understanding”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Reza Sarhangi (Mathematics)

To:  25th Annual Gibbs Conference on Biothermodynamics, Carbondale, Illinois, September 2011
  • Bok-Eum Choi
  • “Effect of Base Substitutions on the Comformation of M. tuberculosis rRNA Hairpins”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Ana Maria Soto (Chemistry)

  • Gordon Crews
  • “On the Stability and Conformation of RNA Hairpins Containing Bulges”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Ana Maria Soto (Chemistry)

To:  Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry North America Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, November, 2011
  • Meagan Mazzei
  • “Developing a Cooper Isotope Ratio Method for Estimating Copper Availability to Eisenia fetida
  • Mentor:  Dr. David Ownby (Chemistry)

To:  The Philadelphia Section of American Chemical Society Annual Student Poster Session, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February, 2012
  • Eric Languirand
  • “Determination of Linear Growth Rates of Calcite Crystals with Phthalic Acid Modification”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Ryan Sours (Chemistry)

To:  243rd American Chemical Society National Meeting,San Diego, California, March 2012
  • Anthony Jiang
  • “Synthesis of Phosphanyl(Organyl)Boranes and their uses as Ligands In Transition Metal Complexes”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Clare Muhoro (Chemistry)

  • Abdulafeez A. Oluyadi
  • “Titanium (II)-Catalyzed Hydroborations of Unsaturated Heteroatomic Substrates”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Clare Muhoro (Chemistry)

  • Samantha Wood
  • “Synthesis and Characterization of Single Enantiomer Tetradentate Aminosulfixide Ligands”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Timothy Brunker (Chemistry)

To:  American Physical Society Meeting, Anaheim, Boston, Massachusetts, March 2012
  • Tyler Goehringer
  • “Magnetoresistance of Strained Rare Earth Manganese Oxide Thin Films: Effect of Post-Deposition Thermal Treatment”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Rajeswari Kolgani (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

  • Jack Mitcham
  • “New Limits on Violation of the Equivalence Principle from Solar System Observations”
  • Mentor:  Dr. David Overduin (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

To:  Council for Undergraduate Research - Posters on the Hill 2012, Washington, DC,
April 24, 2012
  • Nyshia Garcia
  • “Diversity of Seaside Goldenrod Along the Shores of the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland Coast: Implication for Conservation”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Larry Wimmers (Biological Sciences)

To:  Geological Society of America North-Central Section Meeting, Dayton, Ohio, April 2012
  • Michael Reed
  • “Carbon Cycling in an Urban Environment”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Joel Moore (Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences)

To:  American Society for Microbiology 112th General Meeting, San Francisco, California, June 2012
  • Jessica Canter
  • “Sialidase Activity and Hemagglutination of Songbird Isolates of Mycoplasma gallisepticum
  • Mentor:  Dr. Megan May (Biological Sciences)

  • Dylan Dunne
  • “Functional Motif Analysis of the Variable Lipoprotein Hemagglutinin (VlhA) Family Proteins of Mycoplasma synoviae
  • Mentor:  Dr. Megan May (Biological Sciences)

To:  American Society for Virology 2012 Annual Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin, July 2012
  • Nicole Johnson
  • “Comparison of Controlled Acyclovir Delivery and Efficacy via Alternative
    FDA-Approved Silicone Polymer Vehicles”
  • Mentor:  Dr. Barry Margulies (Biological Sciences)

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