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Funding Your Education & Managing Expenses

A major concern of university administrators is the increasing amount of loans students borrow to pay for education.  According to US News national student loan debates averaged $30,000 as of Fall 2014.

This website aims to help you understand college expenses and how some funding opportunities may require you to incur debt in order to pay for school.

Ask Yourself:  Can You Afford to Attend Towson University (TU)?

  • Review the Costs of Attendance established by TU's Financial Aid Office. 
  • Costs can change annually by either State of MD legislature, USM Board of Regents, or TU's administration.
  • If you are having problems paying your first semester - seek help immediately from either an advisor, program staff or Financial Aid Office.  If you don't address payment issues during your first semester, they will remain a problem and cause problems for future enrollment.

What are the Direct and Indirect Expenses and Can I Use Aid to Pay for Both?

  • Direct expenses can be paid using financial aid funding - tuition, fees, on-campus housing and meal plans.
  • Indirect expenses can also be paid using financial aid funding - off-campus housing, transportation expenses (parking pass) and other personal expenses (clothing, etc.)

Will There be Unexpected Expenses Each Year? 

  • Some activities may require you to pay additional fees, such as Study Abroad, or joining Greek Life.
  • Unexpected expenses change from year to year depending on your class standing.  For example, graduates may find they have to rent a robe or buy a class ring; or if applying to graduate school - will have admissions and test (GRE/GMAT) fees.

Resources & Ways to Pay for College

Managing Your Account & Creating A Budget

  • Direct costs are automatically charge to your student account each semester and any financial aid funding will automatically be credited to your account to pay for those expenses.
  • Indirect costs require you to pay for them separately out of pocket - such as your books and off-campus housing.
  • Create a budget each semester to manage your out-of-pocket expenses. Use resources like PNC's Virtual Wallet or SECU's BudgetSmart.

If You Have to Take a Break From School

  • If you need to take a break from school - make sure you officially register it with Enrollment Services.
  • If you do not officially take a break - you may have to apply for reenrollment, which requires you to pay a fee.
  • If you have an outstanding bill, you may have to pay that first before you can be readmitted.
  • You may also be required to immediately start repaying your student loans!

Transfer Credits

  • If you cannot afford the full four years of college at TU, consider taking courses at a less expensive institution which you know TU will accept as transfer credits.

Student Loans Not Forgiven Under Bankruptcy

You are required to repay students loans whether or not you graduate! 

When you start repaying them depends on whether you stay in school per the requirements of the loan.

Financial Services
Administration Building, Fourth Floor (map) (How to use the map link)
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Phone: 410-704-5269
Fax: 410-704-4910
E-mail: mfortier@towson.edu

Did you know

• Students spend over $5 billion on clothing and shoes each year.

• Many students take more than four years to graduate college because of financial problems.

• A daily coffee and muffin cost you over $1,300 a year.

• If you save $5 each day when you are a freshman you will have $7,300 when you graduate.

• Your credit score affects your ability to get a job after you graduate.

• About 20% of identity theft happens to someone under the age of 30 by someone they know.






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