Department of Family Studies and Community Development

Faculty and Staff

Cynthia Vejar, Ph.D.


Office:   College of Liberal Arts Building, Room 2344
Phone:   410-704-4202
Fax:   410-704-3612

Cynthia Vejar, Ph.D.


Ph.D.: Counselor Education, Virginia Tech
M.A.: Psychological Services, Guidance Counseling, Marymount University
B.A.: Psychology, George Mason University

Courses Taught

FMST 101 Introduction to Family Studies

FMST 201 Family Resources

FMST 297 Preparing Human Service Workers: Pre-Internship

FMST 301 Family Relationships

FMST 302 Theories of Family Functioning

FMST 397 Internship in Family Studies

Research/Professional Interests

  • At-risk communities
  • Conflict resolution
  • Gang involvement
  • Career counseling
  • Generational cohorts

Select Scholarship

Journal Publications

Vejar, C. M., Quach, A.S. (2013, in press). Sex slavery in Thailand. Social Development Issues Journal, 35 (2).

Vejar, C., Oravecz, L., & Hall, D. (2010). Undergraduate Student Perceptions of Argument Resolution, Unity, and Love in Same-Sex Headed Families. Journal of GLBT Family Studies, 7.

Vejar, C. M., Madison-Colmore, O., & ter Maat, M. (2006). Understanding the transition from career to fulltime motherhood: A qualitative study. American Journal of Family Therapy, 34 (1), 17-31.

Vejar, C. M. (2005). Review of A Guide to Self-Help Workbooks for Mental Health Clinicians and Researchers, 13 (4), 508-510.  The Family Journal.  

Ebscohost Publications

  • A Synopsis on “Hunters and Gatherers”
  • Birth Order and Educational Implication
  • Critical Thinking: An Academic Perspective
  • Cross-Societal Contact
  • Durkheim and the Normalization of Deviance
  • Durkheim: The Structure and Function of Society
  • Epistemology: The Theory of Knowledge
  • Ethnic Nationalism
  • Freud’s Structural Model of the Psyche
  • Generation Y: Past Influences and Present Educational Considerations
  • Human Trafficking
  • Intelligence and the Plight of the Average Student
  • Malthus and Population Growth
  • Marriage Patterns
  • Max Weber: Religious Ideals and Societal Ramifications
  • Mental Illness and Education
  • Multicultural Education: Issues of Class
  • Primordialism
  • Retirement
  • School Programs that Address Teen Prevention, Pregnancy, and Parenthood
  • School Size
  • Social Control
  • Social Institutions in Postmodern Society
  • Social Psychology
  • Substance Abuse
  • Symbolic Interactionism: A Theoretical Overview
  • The Politics of Appearance
  • When Students Encounter Death
  • Youth Suicide






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