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Department of Geography and Environmental Planning

Global Skills Track 

The Global Skills Track focuses on analytical, technical and regional expertise for those considering careers in the international arena.  


Foundation Requirements (22 units)
Course Number Course Name Units
GEOG 101 Physical Geography 3
GEOG 102 or
World Regional Geography or
Geography of International Affairs
GEOG 109/110 Human Geography 3
GEOG 221 Interpretation of Maps 3
GEOG 232 Introduction to GIS 4
GEOG 375 Quantitative Methods in Geography 3
GEOG 401 Growth of Geographic Thought 3



Regional Course (6 units)
Majors must complete at least two upper level (300 or above) regional courses from Geography and Environmental Planning.


Technique Course (3 units)
Majors must complete at least one upper level (300 or above) technique course from Geography and Environmental Planning.


Systematic Courses (6 units)
Majors must complete at least two systematic courses.  Systematic courses are neither a regional course nor a techinique course. 


Elective (3 units)
Majors must complete at least 3 units of electives at the 200-400 level.


Foreign Language Requirment (12 units)
Majors must complete four terms of a foreign language of choice.


The Global Skills Track requires 40 units. It is aimed at developing multicultural skills and critical thinking in cross-cultural scenarios; acquiring analytic and technical competence for identifying and making effective decisions on spatial issues; and developing geographic fluency regarding one or more regions of the world.

In addition to taking selected geography courses for completion of this track, students will be advised to take non-geography courses relevant to their topical or regional interests, in order to deepen their skills and knowledge base for successful understanding of complex global issues.

Qualified undergraduate students pursuing the Global Skills Track in geography may be eligible, beginning in their junior year, to participate in an accelerated B.A./M.A. program in geography. Interested students should contact the geography graduate program director for details.

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