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HCMN Internship Course Description & Forms

HCMN Internship 495 (12 Units)

Students must apply for the internship in the semester PRIOR to enrolling in HCMN 495.

 For FALL placement in HCMN 495, all coursework must be completed by May 31st  prior;

For SPRING placement in HCMN 495, all coursework must be completed by December 31st  prior;  There are no SUMMER internships at this time.

The internship is an integral part of the Health Care Management curriculum and should be planned in terms of the Intern's abilities, needs and interests. The following procedures guide is intended to assist the Intern in planning and completing the internship experience.

The Health Care Management student preparing for an internship experience must be active in planning his/her internship by seeking advice and assistance of his/her faculty advisor and/or the Program Director, speaking to current Interns about their experiences and maintaining a personal calendar whereby all pertinent information, dates and deadlines related to the internship preparation and experience are maintained.

Selecting and Interviewing for the Internship

The student must:

              - Review the list of health care organizations offering placements to become familiar with the  

                various opportunities offered;

                          Internship Sites

              - Meet with his/her faculty advisor and/or the Program Director to discuss planning information

                and selection of an appropriate organization;

              - Complete and return the "Internship Request" form located on the HCMN website for the

                Program Director's review;

                            Internship Request Form

              - Prepare a resume and cover letter. Resumes and cover letters must be approved by the

                Program Director before being sent to the organization;

              - Upon approval by the Program Director, contact the selected health care organization to

                arrange an interview;

              - Notify the Program Director in writing of the arranged interview date and time:

              - Prepare for the interview; this includes researching the organization, the department and the


              - Bring the Interview Form to the interview and ask the Preceptor to fax it to the Program

                Director at 410-704-4670 within one business day;

                            Interview Form (PDF)

              - Submit a memorandum or email to the Program Director within 1 business day following the                   interview that summarizes the interview experience, identifies work expectations discussed                     and provides a self-assessment of performance during the interview process;

              - Send a professional written note of thanks to the Preceptor in a timely manner.

Before Beginning your Internship

All students must:

  • Review and understand the Internship Handbook

                        HCMN Program Internship Handbook (PDF)

  • Attend the Internship Meetings

                        Internship Meeting Dates

                        HCMN Pre-Internship Guide (PDF)

  • Follow all directions and adhere to deadlines





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