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Health Center

Medical Excuse Policy

The responsibility of the Student Health Service is to treat ill or injured students and to provide education regarding health-related issues. Class attendance is an administrative matter between faculty and students.

  1. Effective August 29, 2001, the Health Center will no longer provide medical excuse notes justifying short-term class absence (less than 5 days).

  2. Students seen at the Health Center will be given an invoice verifying treatment at the Health Center. The invoice provides the date of service, service codes and charges. This is the only verification the student will receive. It may be shared with a professor at the discretion of the student. Students continue to have the right to request a copy of their actual medical record that they may take to their professor or employer to verify visits to the Health Center. 

    Faculty should be aware that students may schedule appointments or come as walk-ins simply to obtain this verification for classes missed. Students also come in for wellness visits (annual gyn exams, physicals) and want verification for missing class for such appointments. Therefore, please note: this documentation does not constitute a justification for lateness or absence from class.

  3. In the case of a prolonged absence (5 or more days) due to serious illness or injury, the Health Center Director will inform the Vice President of Student Affairs, who will in turn notify the student's professors. The Vice President's notification does not serve as a class excuse, but is for information only. The student is expected to make arrangements for any missed work. Students will be encouraged by their health care provider to contact their professors directly to arrange for makeup work during their absence.

  4. Specific notes will continue to be given for the following situations, only for patients treated at the Health Center:

    • Restricted physical activity due to injury or illness for varsity athletes, dancers and physical education class
    • Documentation of illness and clearance to return to work if requested by an employer

  5. Students who request supporting documentation from the Health Center for a medical withdrawal must have received ongoing treatment for the condition at the Health Center. The letter is written at the discretion of the treating provider.

  6. Students with special academic needs or performance issues resulting from a chronic medical condition will be referred to the Office of Disability Services.

  7. Professors who cannot make a determination after speaking with a student should understand that the Health Center can not release any information unless the student has a written consent form on file for the release of confidential information. As noted, students may request a copy of their medical record to take to a professor



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