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Eastern Telegraph Company System Map, 1901

Eastern Telegraph Company System Map, 1901. From A.B.C. Telegraphic Code 5th Edition, 1901.

Why Try a History Colloquium Course?

The History Department is trying to make sure students can take a variety of courses, but we find that lower numbered courses (in the 300s) are becoming filled while students are afraid to take the higher numbers, such as the History Colloquiums--HIST 487.

What is a History Colloquium?

According to the Towson University catalog, a colloquium is:

"Group discussion of reading in history or related disciplines approached from a viewpoint that is primarily historical and dealing with broad periods, topics, problems or comparative developments selected by the instructor(s). May be repeated for a maximum of 6 units provided a different topic is covered. Prerequisites: consent of instructor and 15 units in history or 9 units in history and 6 units in the related discipline."

What does that catalog description actually mean?

While each course will be slightly different, here is an example from the HIST 487.101, War in China colloquium:

1. Colloquiums require no more work than any upper level course. 300 and 400 courses are generally alike. The big jump is from the 100/200 level to the 300/400 level. Actually, the hardest course in the History Department is probably HIST 300, not a 400-level course.

2. Colloquiums focus on weekly discussions rather than paper writing. The number of students in the class is usually limited to 18.

3. Papers are short reaction papers to the readings. Exams will be "take home" rather than in-class.

4. The prerequisites are not a problem, but feel free to discuss the course with your advisor or the instructor. At this time, the prerequisites are not enforced, and no consent is required.




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