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General Information

What is the Honors College?

The Honors College at Towson University is a university-wide academic program designed for the academically talented and motivated student. It enrolls approximately 5% of Towson's undergraduate population and is offered in conjunction with all undergraduate programs. Its purpose is to provide special learning opportunities within the context of small seminars, mentorship relationships with select faculty, research and study abroad opportunities. The Honors College curricular and co-curricular program also promotes professional growth and leadership opportunities and encourages service learning and civic engagement.

What are the advantages of the Honors College?

The objective of the Honors College is to maximize your undergraduate academic experience. The curriculum will help with challenges you may face after you leave Towson. You will find it exciting to work with Honors College faculty and other motivated students in small classes and in research, service learning, study abroad, and internship experiences.


Admissions and Application Procedures

Is it better to apply to the Honors College now, before being admitted to Towson, or after receiving a decision from TU Admissions?

The Honors College application deadline for first year and transfer students is December 1st. You can apply to the Honors College any time prior to this date.  You do not need to wait to hear from TU regarding your acceptance to the University prior to submitting your Honors College Application.

Should I submit my Honors College application by December 1, the deadline for the Towson University application?

To be considered for admission to the Honors College, you must submit your Honors College application by the December 1 deadline.  You are welcome to send us your Honors College application at any time before December 1; however, we will notify all applicants of our admission decision in February.

Would you recommend applying for the Honors College as an incoming freshman or waiting until the second year in college?

We recommend applying for the Honors College as an incoming TU student. While you can transfer into the Honors College after completing a few credits, entering the Honors College right at the beginning helps you complete the curriculum in a timely manner and take full advantage of the many benefits the Honors College has to offer.

I haven't done many things outside of school during high school. However, I participate in many school clubs and work part-time. Would I still be a desirable candidate for the Honors College?

Absolutely! Be sure to include all extracurricular activities, including work experience, on your resume that is attached to your application.

I am transferring credits from another college or AP exams. Will this complicate my enrollment in the Honors College?

In most cases, transfer credit will not affect the Honors College admission decision. In fact, you may be exempt from certain Honors College curriculum requirements, depending on the number and type of credits that you transfer to Towson University. The Honors College rarely admits students who transfer more than 60 credits to Towson University because it is difficult for students to complete the Honors College curriculum in less than two years.

When will I be notified about my admission to the Honors College?

Students are likely to receive their Honors College admission decision by mid-February.

Are there additional costs for participation in the Honors College?

There are no additional fees to join the Honors College. There are, however, opportunities for scholarships, awards, and grants available exclusively to Honors students.



Are you guaranteed a scholarship if you are in the Honors College? How are the scholarship amounts decided?

All new TU students accepted into the Honors College are guaranteed an Honors College scholarship. The Honors College Scholarships are merit based. Scholarship amounts range from $1,000 to $3,000 and are renewable for up to four years as long as you complete Honors College curricular and co-curricular requirements.

Are there other academic scholarships besides the Honors College Scholarship? Would I be considered for all scholarships?

If you apply to Towson University by December 1, you are automatically considered for Towson University’s merit-based scholarships.



Are Honors classes harder than regular classes?

Honors classes are different than non-honors classes in design and delivery.  They are more discussion-based and writing-focused. Most honors students will tell you they prefer the format of honors classes over regular classes because they are able to become more active participants in class.

Can I complete any major at Towson while in the Honors College?

Yes, the Honors College is available to all majors.  The Honors College offers courses in a wide variety of disciplines each semester.  The Honors College offers students the opportunity to enroll in independent honors courses (Honors Electives) each semester.

Do Honors College credits count towards overall graduation credits as well?

Yes, your honors credits will count towards your graduation credits. Many honors courses fulfill other university requirements. All honors courses will count toward your 120-credit Towson University graduation requirement.

What are the basic honors courses for freshmen year?

Typically, new students are placed into an honors English course and an honors version of a course. Transfer students may enroll in an honors seminar.

What advantages do Honors College students have for studying abroad?

Honors College students may earn honors credit for any TU-approved study abroad program. Those credits will count toward your honors electives requirement.

If an Honors College student chooses to study abroad for honors credit, they are eligible to receive an additional scholarship through the Honors College for their study abroad experience. Additionally, the Study Abroad Office offers numerous scholarships. Honors students are eligible to apply for both scholarships.

Is the Honors College Student Study a quiet place to study? How often is it used?

The Honors College Student Study (ST Hall, Room 304) is very popular among our students, and it is open as long as Stephens Hall is open, which is typically from 6am to 9:30pm. This can be a quiet place to study, use the provided computers, or meet to do group-work.

Do I have to declare a major to join the Honors College?

It is not necessary to declare a major to participate in the Honors College, but you will have to declare a major by the end of your sophomore year. In fact, we encourage all honors students to begin with their Honors course work before they begin their departmental honors studies.

When do I register for classes?

Incoming freshmen will have their first semester schedules built for them by the Academic Advising Center.   After the first semester, honors students may register earlier than their respective classmates. Early registration is based on class standing. The student's registration time can be found on their Student Services account.

Do I need a special permit to register for an Honors course?

Honors students do not need a special permit to register for Honors courses. Towson On-line Services automatically recognizes students as Honors students so Honors students should be able to register for any Honors course without problems.

Who will be my academic advisor?

Honors College freshmen are assigned to an Honors College First Year Advisor (FYE).  Honors students work with their departmental advisors for the purpose of developing their overall curricular plan. The Assistant Dean of the Honors College in coordination with a departmental advisor works with students in planning and completing their honors requirements.

Will there be opportunities to do research?

Honors courses provide opportunities for students to develop appropriate research skills, and some majors require original research and a thesis. The Honors College also supports students who wish to present their research at the state and regional honors conferences.

Is there special recognition for Honors students?

Honors College students graduate as University Honors Scholars. This designation is affixed to their diplomas and transcripts and to medallions with which they are presented by the Dean at the time of the Honors Convocation. Honors scholarship recipients are recognized at a special University Scholarship Banquet.

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If I live in Honors Housing will I feel secluded from the rest of the student population?

Absolutely not. You will still have regular interactions with the rest of the TU student body through clubs, non-honors classes, and other campus events. Honors housing also neighbors non-honors housing buildings.

Do Honors College students who live outside of honors housing feel left out?

Both the Honors College and our student group, Honors College Connections, host multiple events throughout the year to build a sense of community within the college. Some events include our annual Generation Jeopardy Match, Relay For Life, Movie Nights, and much more. Additionally, you will have an honors course each semester and will be able to connect with other honors students in that way.

Is honors housing available all four years?

Like all on campus housing at Towson University, honors housing is only guaranteed for your first 2 years. After your second year on campus, you may choose to participate in a campus lottery for on-campus housing.

If you choose to live outside honors housing your freshman year, can you decide to live in honors housing during your sophomore year?

Yes, you may choose to live in honors housing your sophomore year. You would indicate this preference when selecting your housing through Housing and Residence Life.

Can I tour Honors housing on my visit to Towson?

For safety and security, we do not give tours of Honors housing.  However, you can take a virtual tour of Douglass House, the honors residence hall, in the West Village.



Honors College Graduation

What is required for graduation as an Honors Scholar?

University Honors Scholars complete all Honors College curricular and co-curricular requirements.

Do I have to apply to graduate from the Honors College?

Honors students will need to apply for graduation from the university and submit a separate application for graduation from the Honors College. The application can be completed at the Honors College office or downloaded, completed and submitted to the office.

What do Honors Scholars do when they graduate?

The preparation that University Honors Scholars receive prepares them to be very competitive for admission to graduate and professional schools and for careers in business, education, and government.



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