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The Honors College encourages all Honors College students to study abroad during their undergraduate career. Students can earn Honors credit for their study abroad experience by completing a study abroad project. Honors students may receive 3 units toward their Honors Electives requirements for summer or Minimester study abroad or 6 units for a full semester abroad (fall or spring).

Complete the application to earn honors credit for your study abroad or National Student Exchange.


An Honors College student choosing to complete an Honors College Study Abroad Project as an Honors course option, must:

  • Complete, with grades of C or better, all courses enrolled in during the time abroad;
  • Submit at least 6 (preferably digital) photographs suitable for the Honors College’s study abroad web pages, including pictures of the student in the country in which s/he is studying;
  • Upon return, complete a final project or activity that links the academic content of the program to your personal and professional goals. Past examples of final projects or activities have included creating a poster and presenting at an Honors College conference or event, or attending a study abroad workshop or conference. Students will be provided with their final project options and guidelines, which vary from semester to semester, upon returning from abroad.

Students should turn in their photos and an unofficial copy of their Towson transcript (including the transfer credits from their study abroad) as soon as possible upon their return to Towson University. Honors credit cannot be granted until all of the above requirements have been met and your courses have been posted to your Towson University transcript.

Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship 

To be considered for an Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship, students must submit their Honors College Study Abroad Application to the Honors College by November 1 (for minimester and spring study abroad) or April 1 (for summer and fall study abroad).

Preference for Honors College Study Abroad Scholarships is given to students who have demonstrated their participation and service in the Honors College.



Students participating in short-term study abroad courses (minimester or summer) may receive 3 units toward their Honors Electives requirements if they complete a study abroad project. Students participating in a full-term study abroad may receive 6 units toward their Honors Electives if theyStudent feeding kangaroos in Australia. complete a study abroad project. Questions about the Study Abroad Project should be directed to the Honors College Assistant Dean.

Honors credit for study abroad is not awarded as additional credit; rather, some of the credits granted by Towson University for your study abroad will be counted as honors credit.

Students may only earn honors credit for study abroad programs if they: (1) participate in a study abroad program that has been approved by (but not necessarily sponsored by) the Towson University Study Abroad Office, and (2) earn at least 3 Towson University credits for their study abroad program.



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