Kelly Clark
Residence Life Coordinator
Towsontown Area
Residence Tower
t: 410-704-6381

Hello, my name is Kelly Clark and i've been a Residence Life Coordinator here at Towson since 2009.". Currently I work in Residence Tower, our largest building on campus which includes Global Village, a Residential Learning Community for International Students. Before Residence Tower, I worked in Towson Run, one of Towson’s Apartment style buildings. Preceding my time at Towson I earned my bachelors and masters degrees at the University of Central Florida in Organizational Communication and Educational Leadership, respectively. When job searching, my priority was to work at a school that cared about its students and staff, which Towson clearly offered. One of my favorite things about this department is how flat organizationally we are with our communication; it’s exciting to know the direction in which our department is heading! Something else I enjoy is the autonomy with which we are given to run our individual buildings. I thrive in an environment where we are celebrated for our individuality as well as challenged to work together towards a common goal despite the differences, and feel I embrace that philosophy with my own staff. As Henry David Thoreau once said “Be yourself – not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be!”