Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q) Can I request a roommate who is not eligible to return on-campus?
    A) A) No. A student with 90 or more credit hours or a student who currently lives off-campus (with 30+ credits) is ineligible to return to live on campus. A student with 60-89 credit hours will be limited to living in Towson Run or a single room.

  2. Q) Are current on-campus students who move off campus eligible to move back on-campus in future semesters?
    A) No. Once you move off campus you will not be eligible to move back on-campus.

  3. Q) Aren't students who currently live on-campus guaranteed housing?
    A) New freshmen are guaranteed on-campus housing for four consecutive semesters. All other students are offered housing on a space available basis. The Housing contract states in paragraph 4:

    “Upon acceptance of the initial housing deposit, the University guarantees on-campus housing to new freshmen for four consecutive semesters provided they are enrolled as full-time students, pay all fees, meet all deadlines, and follow all established procedures for continued living in university housing. Once new freshmen complete four consecutive semesters, university housing is obtainable on a space available basis. Students who leave university housing before completing four consecutive semesters are no longer guaranteed housing. For all other students, university housing is obtainable on a space available basis.”

  4. Q) If I am ineligible to live on-campus and happen to acquire a housing contract, can I return it with my deposit and receive housing for next year?
    A) No. Any housing contract received from a student that is ineligible for housing will be returned.

  5. Q) I am a student with 90 or more credit hours and I have special circumstances that require me to live on-campus next year. What are my options?
    A) We will consider special circumstances (e.g., students with a physical disability that limits mobility); however, other exceptions will be very limited. Students who have special circumstances and wish to request an exception must complete and return a housing exception form available in the Housing & Residence Life office in West Village Commons; Suite 309. Students will be notified if an exception is granted.

  6. Q) What will the credit hours for Towson Run be to live in a one , two-, and four-bedroom apartment beginning next academic year?
    A) First priority will be given to students with 60 89 credit hours (after Fall semester). Any current student eligible to return to live on-campus may reside in Towson Run Apartments based on the availability of space, regardless of their credit hours.

  7. Q) If I cannot return to live on-campus, how will this affect my financial aid?
    A) Financial aid eligibility does not change for a student who moves off campus. The only exception is when a student moves back into their parent's house. Please call Financial Aid office if you have any questions at 410-704-4236.

  8. Q) Will this same process be in place the following year ?
    A) We will review our process at that time and make adjustments as necessary.

  9. Q) If I decide not to live on-campus, will I have priority to live in Millennium Hall?
    A) Students with 90 or more credit hours who are interested in living in Millennium Hall should go online immediately to the link below in order to request a space.

  10. Q) Am I eligible to live in Paca House or Tubman House and how do I apply?
    Current freshmen and freshmen rising to sophomores are eligible to live in Paca & Tubman Houses. To apply go online to

  11. Q) What if I have other questions?
    A) Please call Housing & Residence Life at 410-704-2516.




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