Policies on Accommodations

  1. Only Towson University degree-seeking undergraduate students carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours qualify to live in university housing (note: requests for living on-campus with fewer than 12 credit hours can be made as an accommodation request). The University additionally establishes eligibility for housing based on a student's status (i.e., new freshmen, current students living in on-campus housing, number of credit hours earned, current students living off-campus, new transfer students, etc.). Space is limited and priority for housing is given based on a student's status (e.g., new freshmen have priority over new transfer students, etc.). If the student meets the eligibility requirements for the term he/she is interested in residing in university housing, he/she must meet all deadlines established for submitting the housing contract and deposit.
  2. Once a student's housing contract and deposit are accepted, Housing & Residence Life (HRL) will make reasonable housing accommodations for students who request a housing accommodation based on the following:
    1. A written request from the student must be received by HRL that specifies the accommodation being requested.
    2. Documentation from a health care provider or other qualified professional that supports the need for the accommodation.
    3. For students with an existing condition, all written requests and supporting documentation must be received by HRL at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the term in which the student will first begin residing in university housing. If the request and documentation are received less than 60 days prior, HRL will attempt to make a reasonable accommodation based on the availability of space but cannot guarantee that an accommodation will be made.
    4. For students whose condition is a recent onset or have a temporary injury or illness and a request is received with less than 60 days prior to the beginning of the term, HRL will attempt to make a reasonable accommodation based on the availability of space.
  3. HRL closely works with is the office of Disability Support Services (DSS) in considering and making accommodations. Students requesting a disability related accommodation are required to register with DSS. Please note: housing accommodations are made by Housing & Residence Life and requests must be submitted to HRL. Additionally, HRL may consult with other departments within the university as necessary (e.g., Student Health Center, Counseling Center, etc.).
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