Fall Tripled Room

Due to the increasing popularity of Towson University and with demand exceeding the supply for on-campus housing, we have increased the number of available accommodations. A number of double rooms have been expanded to triples. These rooms have been specially configured and furnished to accommodate up to three people..

The following information is intended to answer any questions you may have.

Furnishings in Glen Fall Triples

  • one set of bunk beds and one single bed (has under bed storage)
  • three desks and chairs
  • two large closets to be shared
  • two dressers to be shared
  • microfridge

Furnishings in Barton/Douglass Fall Triples

  • one set of bunk beds and one single bed (has under bed storage)
  • three desks and chairs
  • two closets to be shared
  • three dressers
  • microfridge

A Special Room Discount

Students assigned to a fall tripled room will receive a 20% refund of the weekly room rate. The refund is based on the number of weeks you reside in this room. You will initially be billed the standard or premium multiple room rate. The refund will be pro-rated based on the number of weeks three students are living in a fall tripled room. Your student account will be credited with the appropriate amount, once the room has been de-tripled.

NOTE: Once we have enough space to offer all students a regular accommodation, the refund will end. Since all students who live in fall tripled rooms will be offered to detriple by the beginning of Spring Semester, no refunds will be available in the Spring Semester.

How long will I live in a fall tripled room?

It is normal for cancellations to occur at the beginning of the semester. We may also have students assigned to "overflow" areas that are rooms not normally used to house students and are only meant to be used for short-term housing. Students in overflow will be moved out of their temporary assignments first. Once we have relocated all these students, we will then begin to offer students in the fall tripled rooms the opportunity to move. Some students will be "de-tripled" in the first few weeks of the semester. As in the past, we anticipate that many students will want to remain in their current assignment. Friendships are established quickly and we find in many cases that students prefer to remain where they are. In any case, we expect that all students will be reassigned by the beginning of Spring Semester. If you have any questions, please call the Department of Housing & Residence Life, (410) 704-2516.

Remember the advantages to living on campus
  • Being close to classes, labs, the library, the faculty, and all university buildings and services.
  • A greater opportunity to meet new students.
  • Included with your room fee: Cable TV, MicroFridge, ultra high speed Internet access.
  • Trained residence hall staff.
  • A variety of dining facilities conveniently located.
Remember, when living on-campus, studies have shown that you are more likely to
  • Experience greater satisfaction with your undergraduate education
  • Maintain a higher Grade Point Average.
  • Use the available campus resources
Things to keep in mind about living in a triple
  • Be sure to call your roommates before moving into the residence hall so that you can plan on what things you should each bring.
  • Try not to bring everything now--coordinate with your roommates. As long as you bring the essentials, you can always bring other items later.
  • To avoid storage problems, bring clothing only suitable for the season.



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