Why Live on Campus?

The number one reason for living on campus is convenience. Not only does on-campus housing provide students a place to study and sleep, it is also a rich and diverse atmosphere where you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities. At Towson, you’ll join more than 4,500 students who choose to live near the academic, social, athletic, and cultural events that take place on campus every day.

Here are some of the reasons to live on campus:

Campus Resources

Library, Instructional Technologies, and Computing: The Albert S. Cook Library serves as a major intellectual and human development center for Towson University. The Center for Instructional Advancement and Technology supports Towson University's commitment to excellence in teaching. The Student Computing Services Center supports student technology orientation, skills assessment, and skills development in computer software and campus computing resources. The Help Center is the single university point of contact for all computer and telecommunication questions, problems, or information for students, faculty, and staff.

Cook Library is also open 24 hours a day during the week of final exams and will offer extended hours week before exams. To learn more about The Albert S. Cook Library (hours, contact, online resources, etc.), please visit:

Banking: A full-service PNC Bank and ATM is located in the University Union. Capital One ATM's are also located in the Union, Newell Dining and Hawkins Hall. A SECU ATM is located outside of the Union. Other banks: M&T Bank, Wachovia, and Bank of America are within walking distance of the Towson campus.

University Store: Sells textbooks, reference and study aids, school/art and computer supplies and software. You can also purchase apparel, stationery, giftware and other merchandise with the official TU logo. Visit the store’s web site, for more information:

Post Office: The university’s full-service post office is located in the University Union. Everyone who lives on campus is assigned a post office box number. The university Post Office, located in the University Union, room 117, will be open during Move-In for you to pick up your combination. Your box number is included with your housing assignment. You will keep the same post office box number as long as you live on campus. Note: Mail-boxes for Towson Run students are located in that building. Be sure to give your number to friends and family so you will receive mail!

You will also receive mail from various departments on campus, so check your mailbox several times a week to be sure that you don't miss important deadlines, registration information or other campus communications. It's your responsibility to read your mail!

Ticket Office: This is the place to purchase tickets for TU sporting and campus events. The ticket Office is also Ticketmaster Outlet for the Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia areas.

Tiger Reels: A wide variety of DVD, Blue-Ray, and Wii Games rentals are available FREE to TU students.

PAWS: Offers a cyber café, a deli/grill/coffee shop, billiard tables, large screen TV and comfortable seating for studying or just relaxing. Many activities and programs take place throughout the school year.

Recreational Sports: You can play intramural and club sports at Towson, including soccer, flag football, Ultimate Frisbee, crew, roller hockey, table tennis and more. Burdick Hall has a fitness center with a climbing wall, and an NCAA regulation swimming pool. The Towson Center has racquetball/wally ball/squash courts, indoor/outdoor tracks and lighted tennis courts.

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Campus Life

Variety of facility, events and program option already on campus (sports, festival, comedian, etc.)Get involved and become part of the campus community as living on campus not only provide you with a better living and study environment, but you can also become more active on campus by joining different groups associated with the residential colleges and the university, or develop interest group in respect to community service, sports, international affairs, etc.For more information and activities schedule, visit the Campus Life web site:

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Housing & Residence Hall Events

Housing and Residence Hall events: The Residence Life staff and University Government Resident sponsor many activities in and around the residence hall areas. Throughout the academic year various programs and workshops are conducted to facilitate community as well as personal development. The events even starts before the school commence. Just grab a copy of Towson September Celebrations booklet.

For more information on locations, time and description of the events sponsored by Department of Housing & Residence Life, and residence halls events, please visit Housing, Housing & Residence Hall Events web site:

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Health Care

Campus PoliceAll registered students can use Dowell Health Center, an out-patient primary health care clinic with an experience staff of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and health educators. A preferred provider health insurance plan with 12-month coverage (including prescription benefits and an optional major medical plan) is available through the Dowell Health Center.

For learn more about the services provided by the Dowell Health Center, please visit their web site:

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Safety and Security

Campus PoliceAll resident halls and Towson Run Apartments have community centers that are open for 24 hours with a card access system used by students to gain entry to the building and elevators. All halls and apartment which are located on campus are patrolled 24 hours, and seven day a week.

The Police Department maintains an escort service that operates during the hours of darkness while school is in session. Walking and riding escorts that provide point-to-point service, 7 days a week and are in constant radio contact with the University Police Department, provide this service. To learn more about this service provided, please visit the Personal Safety and University Police web site:

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TU’s free Black & Gold shuttle bus runs daily during fall and spring semester with stops throughout campus along marked routes. The Paratransit Van is a specially equipped van that offers scheduled pickups for students who are permanently or temporarily mobility impaired. To view the shuttle route, visit:

Now every weekend, you can also head downtown Baltimore, other area campuses, and around town for free with Collegetown shuttle. For schedules and more information, visit:

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Our resident halls are all conveniently located near classroom buildings and dining facilities. We also have shuttle service connecting the residence halls with the entire campus. To view the shuttle route, visit:

The mall, cinema, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, dining and eateries are some of the amenities that are located within walking distance from Towson campus.

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Supportive Staff

Residence Life Coordinators/Assistant Coordinators: Our live-in Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) and Assitant Coordinators(ACs) supervise Resident Assistants and oversee all building functions. From programming to handling judicial issues, the RLCs and ACs are available to make your on-campus living experience successful.

Resident Assistants: Each building has upper-class student staff members called Resident Assistants (RAs) who are responsible for developing a sense of community in the halls. RAs assist with program planning, mediate roommate conflicts and serve as resources to all residents.

Live-in professional and student staff are available to assist with advice, referrals, issues and just about any topic from personal problem to career decisions all the time. To speak to on of our building supervisor or resident assistant, call one of our community center phone numbers:

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Leadership Opportunities

Opportunity to participate in student leaders and government organizations that gives you an opportunity to acquire variety skills:

It will give you an opportunity to acquire variety skills such as communication, understand and motivate others, learning about diversity, and other interpersonal skills.

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New Friends

Meet new friends everyday and develop lasting friendship with there are many interstate and international students offers wonderful and exciting opportunity to visit for holidays when you stay on campus or even after you graduated.

To be more involved and participate in diversity activity, please visit our campus Center for Student Diversity web site at:

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Becoming Independent

Living on campus facilitates independence. You can learn to manage adult responsibilities, such as budgeting and time management at the same time avoid the fuss of monthly deposits and payments, month-to-month utilities (electricity, water, garbage, cable TV, local phone and computer network connection), you also avoid having to purchase furniture, appliances, and cleaning equipment.

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Cost Saving

No driving to classes in winter weather, less money spent on gas and less traveling cost. Take advantage of TU’s free shuttle service. To view the shuttle route, visit:

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Telephone Service

Each room is assigned a phone number. All you need to do is bring a touch-tone phone and cord. The room phone service includes unlimited local calls, voicemail, and call waiting. You don't need to bring an answering machine. We recommend using a phone card for long-distance calls.

We realize that most students use cell phones, however, it's important to set-up the voice mailbox on your room phone. Housing & Residence Life staff and other campus departments will call you on this number with important information. Remember to check for your messages regularly!

To call a resident student from campus, dial 6-xxxx; from off-campus, dial 410-616-xxxx. To call an administrative or academic department or faculty/staff member from on-campus, dial 410-704-xxxx.

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Network Access

Since February 2005, Towson University has been a wireless campus. Towson Unplugged allows the freedom to access the Internet and network resources anytime, anywhere… It is one of the largest wireless networks in Baltimore metro area, is a free and optional service.

Browse through the Towson Unplugged web site to learn more about wireless networking and how to get started:

You'll also have individual access to the Internet in your room. There's a port to connect to the Internet for each student. Also in the room is a blue "Linksys" box, an Internet system component that includes a blue box, AC adapter/power cord and a patch cable. Do not remove any of these items for your room.

Cable TV

To enjoy great reception, you will need a cable-ready TV. If your set is not cable-ready, you will need a set-top converter made by Scientific Atlanta. Other converters may not work properly.

Connecting your television to the cable modular jack requires a coaxial cable. Varying lengths of coaxial cable are available from the University Store at minimal cost. The coaxial jack at the top of your wall plate is the cable TV access. Please attach the coaxial cable with care.

Listings for the Cable TV Channels:

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Laundry Facilities

Laundry rooms are located in each building. The washers and dryers each cost $1.25 per load. On many machines you can use your OneCard for payment.

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Department of Housing & Residence Life
West Village Commons, 3rd Floor(map)
8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252-0001
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 410-704-2516
Fax: 410-704-4228
E-mail: housing@towson.edu





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