Ancient Mediterranean Studies Program

Internet Resources

University Programs in Archaeology: for students thinking of graduate school

The Internet Classics Archive: Contains 441 ancient Greek and Latin sources in translation

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: a large collection of ancient texts and links to texts

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: collection of medieval texts

Byzantium; Byzantine Studies on the Internet: translated texts, articles, course outlines, images and links to all things Byzantine

The Atrium: articles about the ancient world, and translated texts

The Walters Art Museum: an excellent collection of ancient art in Baltimore

Diotima. Materials for the study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World: translated texts

Early Church Fathers: texts and translations

Ancient World Mapping Center:  Maps of the ancient world

In the Hall of Ma'at - weighing the evidence for Alternative History: articles by reputable archaeologists and historians in response to sensationalized works on 'Lost Civilizations'

Exploring Ancient World Cultures: articles, links and images of the ancient world

The Interactive Ancient Mediterranean: ancient maps to print out and use

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens: offers graduate study in classical archaeology and undergraduate study in the summer

Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe: The states of Europe depicted at the end of each century in 21 maps

The Parthian Empire: all about Rome's eastern rival, from 247 BC to AD 228

The Perseus Project: a library of study materials on ancient Greece, including maps, slides, and video. Also texts in Greek, Latin and English translation.

Pomoerium: links to bibliographies, journals, maps of the ancient world

Ancient Greek Tutorials: learn the pronunciation and accentuation of ancient Greek.

The Corinth Computer Project: Reconstructing the city plan and landscape of Roman Corinth

Archaeological Institute of America: supports archaeological excavation in the Classical world, as well as offering educational programs in the US.

Archaeology Magazine: publishes popular articles on archaeology.

Archaeological Fieldwork Oppportunities Bulletin.

ArchNet: a virtual library of archaeological sources on the web

The Institute of Nautical Archaeology: underwater archaeology explained

Directoris Imperatoribus Romanis; An encyclopedia of Roman emperors.

An Illustrated History of the Roman Empire: also links to other Roman sites

Catalhoyuk: Excavations of a Neolithic Anatolian Tell. The first urban center, ca. 7000 BC, in Turkey.

Ohio State Excavations at Isthmia: the sanctuary of Poseidon and its Roman mosaic

The Ancient City of Athens: photos and text

Scrolls from the Dead Sea: a description of the site of Qumran, its excavation and the scrolls.

Oriental Institute, University of Chicago: excavations in the near east, downloadable images

Byzantine Archaeology 3-D Website: interesting visuals.



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