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Sample overview copy... Political Science provides a framework for understanding how politics affects all aspects of our lives. At Towson University, the major in political science is intentionally broad, encouraging students to explore the many aspects of political life while providing an opportunity to develop a specialty. More than 60 courses are offered in the areas of American politics and public administration, comparative politics, international relations, and law and political theory.

The political science major prepares students for advanced study and provides the foundation for careers in government, nonprofit enterprises and business. Political science also provides the foundation for becoming an active participant in our civic democracy.

The Department of Political Science offers the major and minor in political science as well as double major programs with the Department of Economics, the Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies, and with the Department of Geography and Environmental Planning.

The Department of Political Science has excellent faculty who bring both scholarly and practical experience to the classroom. Towson University’s location places it close to centers of state, national and international government. The department uses this proximity to expose students to policy makers and to internship and practicum opportunities.

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