April 2013

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jobs factLooming Sequestration Impacts Show No Sign of Slowing Down Economy

Sequestration continues to hang over discussions regarding Maryland’s economy, leaving people to wonder which way the economy will shift. Although employment figures for February were revised (slightly) downward, the overall impact was still largely positive over January. Coming into March, much of the similar trends over the last couple of months continue to drive the state’s economy. The hindering impact from the sequestration has left sectors of government relatively untouched and sectors originally thought would be impacted (Professional and Business Services, Federal, State and Local Government, Financial Activities) continued with little to no change between February and March.

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spacerDevelopment near Port of Baltimore should stay industrial, BBJ, 04/12/13

Irani said many state businesses rely on the Port of Baltimore to import goods. And despite the work being done to handle the ships, residential properties will eventually squeeze out industry near the Port of Baltimore...That will slow down imports, If you basically put residential property near that port, it becomes crowded out and it becomes less effective.

How much could new Md., Va. gas taxes cost you?, Washington Post, 4/02/13

If you drive 15,000 miles a year in a car that gets 22 miles to the gallon, you’ll pay an extra $27 per year after the July 1 increase hits, said Irani. That number could reach about $136 a year by July 2016...The magnitude of the changes is “not that big” because it will be felt in very small increments.


Decisions with Long-Term Impacts –
The 2013 Legislative Session

Legislative session, image credit: Holly Nunn, Southern MD News

According to many this year’s legislative session was one of the most productive on record. If anything, the headlines from the session focused mostly on facts and not party conflicts. A few key issues were tackled this year including the gas tax hike, school construction, and the minimum wage increase, to name a few. Decisions made this year will have significant economic consequences for the vitality and competiveness of the state going forward. What will be the impact of some of these bills going forward?

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