August 2014

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Maryland Labor Force increased by 6,143 residentsMaryland’s Economic Drivers Took a Wrong Turn

Despite the mild summer, the activity in Maryland’s job market has been anything but mild. As some key economic drivers look for detours, others are having trouble finding directions for growth. Key economic drivers—eds, meds, and beds—reported declines in July, only leaving one—feds—to lead the convoy. As the end of summer looms on the horizon and federal government begins to decelerate, RESI wonders if the top performing drivers will gain speed in time to catch up. This month’s “Closer Look with Dr. Daraius Irani” examines those economic components that are gaining speed and those that have taken a wrong turn.

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spacer Listings climb, but sales fail to follow suit, Baltimore Sun, 8/11/2014

"The challenge really is to get yourself out of the mindset of the pre-recession housing prices growth," Irani said. "Last year was artificial because of the shortage in inventory. … This year is a reaction to that. Next year, it's probably going to oscillate up and down until a nice equilibrium is realized, but I don't think you're going to see a hot, hot market."

Maryland Unemployment Ticks Up Despite 7,700 New Jobs, WYPR, 7/18/2014

“I felt this way last year,” he said. “The same way last year. In fact, one of the articles [my staff and I are] putting together I had called ‘The Summertime Blues,’ and they reminded me that we’ve already used that title last year at this exact same time.”


Un-Bey-lievable: The Economic Impact of July’s “On the Run” Concert

The usually quiet Monday after the long Fourth of July weekend—a day for downtown Baltimore to recuperate from the crowds, festivities, and celebratory revelry of democracy. Unless, of course, Queen Bey is taking over M&T Bank Stadium. As part of the combined “On the Run” tour featuring Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the power couple performed at the M&T Bank Stadium to a sold-out crowd of excited fans. The downtown venue was just one of sixteen stops for this summer’s tour, which attracted concert-goers from near and far.

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