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Hello and welcome to the International Studies major website for Towson University.  I am glad of your interest in our program!  As of the fall of 2011 the International Studies curriculum has been revised to meet the challenges and possibilities of an ever-changing global environment.  After completion of a set of foundation courses pulled from a variety of departments at Towson University, International Studies majors begin an exploration of a course of study that is chosen in consultation with their academic advisors.  This course of study consists of 7 upper level courses chosen from the various electives approved by the director of the program.  A course of study can focus on a specific region of the world such as the Middle East, Latin America, Europe or Africa just to name a few.  In addition, students can create a course of study that is topically driven focusing on a variety of global issues such as the environment, human rights, gender or any other topic researched or discovered through different courses.  The navigation through your upper level coursework in the major is a journey of discovery.  Although you may have a strong idea of what you want to focus on at the beginning of your coursework, that may change as you encounter new courses, areas of the world, professors, your foreign language expertise, study abroad or your changing perspectives on the world around you.  Our goal is to encourage and engage those possibilities and provide a rich academic environment for you.  In addition to course work we also offer internships and a competitive scholarship for majors.  I look forward to meeting and working with each of you!

If you are an incoming student, transfer student or continuing student in the major please refer to the links on the navigation bar to your left for pertinent information, particularly the description of the major.  Many of your questions will be answered by the information provided in these links.

Matthew Durington, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Director, International Studies

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