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Train Your Brain!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Burkshire Hotel, Towson, MD


Abundant research demonstrates that emotional intelligence across a wide variety of occupations is as important to job performance, client outcomes, and career success as IQ, experience, or  technical expertise.

Join with leaders and employees of business, educational and non-profit organizations in the  Baltimore/ Towson region-- learn how to flourish and how to inspire the best in your colleagues,
those you lead and those you serve.



8:30- 9:15 Continental breakfast
9:15- 9:30 Introductions

9:30- 11:30 Workshop



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The Workshop will cover:

· The biological basis of social emotional intelligence.
· The distinction between emotional intelligence (which involves self-awareness and selfmanagement) and social intelligence (which involves social awareness and relationship
· Why social emotional intelligence matters— the difference it makes to educators, health care providers, counselors, leaders, supervisors and those in business enterprises.
· Your personal SEI assessment.
· Practices to improve one’s social emotional

Workshop Learning Objectives:
After attending the workshop on social emotional
intelligence you will:

· Understand what social emotional intelligence is in all its dimensions and complexity.
· Understand how social emotional intelligence can make a difference in your organization and in your life.
· Possess a repertoire of practices that will improve your self-awareness and self management.

Professor Karen Dugger, Ph.D. Sociology, and
Director of the Institute for Teaching and Research
on Women will conduct the workshop.



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