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NEW!  Handbook on Service Learning

The Handbook on Service Learning in Women’s Studies and the Disciplines brings together educators from several disciplines (English, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Women’s/Gender Studies) who teach a women’s studies service learning course, or a course with significant attention to gender and diversity. This collection of service learning syllabi, assignments, and essays provides the reader with numerous methods and examples of how service learning can be incorporated into a wide array of courses differentially situated within the curriculum of a college or university. For example, teaching a women’s studies course that is also a general education course requires a somewhat different logic and set of practices than an upper level women’s studies course within the major, or a course which serves as a culminating experience for the major. Also addressed is how to transform spring break and internships into service leaning options and how to create a summer camp that serves the community. Guidelines, advice, and lessons learned provide the reader with the information and confidence necessary to initiate a service learning course.

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Race, Gender and Science
by Rebecca Reviere
Making science classrooms more inviting and intellectually stimulating to female students.                                                       

Internationalizing the Study of Women and Gender
Edited by Janice Monk & Deborah Rosenfelt
This new series  seeks to make available resources that explore intersections and multidisciplinary issues, as well as teaching aids that foster inclusive pedagogy and curricula.  Includes a bibliography that references further reading, resources for the classroom and electronic resources.        


Manual for Women and Expression: Gender and Communication in Organizations, by Beth Vanfossen. 1992. 40 pages. $10.00. Examines research on how men and women compare in communication content and style, and gives suggestions for increasing the chances one's ideas will be heard.


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The following publications provide primary information useful to faculty who want to change or develop their courses by incorporating the new scholarship on women and to administrators or others who want to organize curriculum transformation work for faculty and teachers. The publications have been designed to be brief, user friendly, and cross referenced.










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