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Service Learning Is Not:


An add-on to an otherwise unaltered academic course.  Simply adding a service component to an already existing course with no ties to academic content and no strategies to link service activities with learning outcomes, fails to consider the community as a full partner, fails to insure that the community will benefit and not be burdened or harmed by the students’ service, and precludes the possibility of integrating the service experience with course content and learning outcomes.

A volunteer or community service program were the primary focus is on providing a service and the primary or sole beneficiary is the service recipient.

Logging an existing number of service hours in order to graduate

A Practicum or Internship intended to provide students with hands-on experience and to develop and socialize students for careers or professions.  Such internships emphasize benefits to the student rather than the community.  This differs from Service Learning Internships which are reciprocal in nature emphasizing benefits to both students and the community, promote civic development/engagement, and are linked to learning outcomes.


Field Education which provides students with co-curricular service opportunities that are related but not fully integrated with their formal academic studies. Students perform the service as a part of a program designed primarily to enhance students’ understanding of a field of study.




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