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2003 Zagreb and Porec, Croatia

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Zagreb and Porec, Croatia on Comparative Perspectives on Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Nation in Post-Socialist Societies and the United States

Croatia stretches along the Adriatic coast. The country borders Slovenia, Hungary, Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) and Bosnia Herzegovina. The country's landscape ranges from small villages in the interior to the dramatic Dalmatian coastline. Zagreb, the economic, cultural and administrative heart of the region, sits prominently on the River Sava. Porec is located in the North in Istria, the biggest peninsula in the Adriatic. Istria is the part of the Mediterranean closest to Central Europe and located almost directly across from Venice which is easily accessible by boat (about a 2 hour boat ride).

In the 2nd century B.C. the roman Castrum was built on a peninsula where the town of Porec is situated today. During the rule of Octavian it was transformed into a city and in the first century proclaimed to be the Colonia Iulia Parentium. After the fall of the Roman Empire different rulers followed one another: Goths, Byzantines, Franks. Late in the 6th century Odoacars and Croats invaded this area and settled around Porec as early as 620. In centuries to come Istria and Porec were ruled by Lombardy, Frank, more then five hundred years by Venice, then Napoleon and Austria, when Porec became the capital of Istria . For a quarter of century Istria was under the rule of Italy and finally in 1943 it was united with Croatia. For more information, see

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