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Gerald J. Jerome

Associate Professor

Office:   Burdick Hall, Room 120 J
Phone:   410-704-5283
Fax:   410-704-3912

Jerry Jerome, Ph.D.

Education and Certification

  • Ph.D.: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • M.H.S.: Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
  • M.S.: University of Arizona
  • B.B.A.: Oglethorpe University
  • B.A.: Oglethorpe University

Teaching Interests

  • KNES 309 Test and Measurements
  • TSEM 102 Science of Healthy Habits

Professional Interest and Research

  • Dr. Jerome’s research centers on lifestyle approaches for prevention of chronic conditions, attenuation of the progressive disablement process and the promotion of wellbeing.

Selected Publications

  • Jerome, G.J. & Albright, C. (2011). Accuracy of Five Talking Pedometers under Controlled Conditions. Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research. 1(2). doi:10.5241/1-17/JBIR.2001.
  • Albright, C., & Jerome, G.J. (2011). Accuracy of Talking Pedometers During Free-Living: Comparison of 4 Models. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness.105(5) 299-304.
  • Jerome, G.J., & McAuley, E. (2011). Physical Activity Levels Among Adult Computer Users. Computers in Human Behavior. 27(3):1207-1210. cleardoi:10.1016/j.chb.2010.12.017.
  • Bartfield J.K., Stevens V.J., Jerome G.J., Batch B.C., Kennedy B.M., Vollmer W.M., Harsha D., Appel L.J., Desmond R., & Ard J.D. (2011). Behavioral Transitions and Weight Change Patterns Within the PREMIER Trial. Obesity. doi:10.1038/oby.2011.56
  • Yeh, H.C., Clark, J.M., Emmons, K.M., Moore, R.H., Bennett, G.G., Warner, E.T., Sarwer, D.B.,  Jerome, G.J., Miller, 3rd E.R., Volger, S., Louis, T.A., Wells, B., Wadden, T.A., Colditz, G.A., & Appel L.J. (2010). Independent but Coordinated Trials: Insights from the Practice Based Opportunities for Weight Reduction Trials Collaborative Research Group. Clinical Trials. 7(4):322-32.
  • Jerome, G.J., Yeh, H.C., Dalcin, A., Reynolds, J., Gauvey-Kern, M.E., Charleston, J., Durkin, N., & Appel, L.J. (2009). Treatment of Obesity in Primary Care Practice: The Practice Based Opportunities for Weight Reduction (POWER) Trial at Johns Hopkins. Obesity and Weight Management. 5(5): 216-221.
  • Jerome, G.J., Rohm Young, D., LaFerriere, D., Chen, C., & Vollmer, W.M. (2009). Reliability of Physical Activity Estimation Using Accelerometers with Overweight and Obese Adults. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 41(1):110-4.
  • Jerome, G.J., Rohm Young, D., Dalcin, A., Charleston, J., Anthony, C., Hayes, J., & Daumit, G.L. (2009). Physical Activity levels of persons with mental illness attending psychiatric rehabilitation programs. Schizophrenic Research,108:252-7.
  • Chen, C., Jerome, G.J., LaFerriere, D., Rohm Young, D., & Vollmer, W.M. (2009). Procedures Used to Standardize Data Collected by RT3 Triaxial Accelerometers in a Large-Scale Weight-Loss Trial. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 6(3)354-9.







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