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Sport Management Major

Degree Requirements

The requirements for earning a BS in Sport Management include 24 units of KNES Core Courses and 15 units of KNES Elective courses. The major also requires students complete the 21-unit Business Administration Minor. Students are responsible for meeting all University mandated requirements for graduation, including the University Core (previously General Education) requirements, upper-level units requirement, and 120-unit minimum.

Advising Sheet - Catalog Year 09-10 - Current (PDF)

Exerpt of Advising Manual:

The Sport Management major is designed to prepare students for a changing sports industry. The curriculum develops critical and ethical sensibilities as well as practical skills with the intent of producing graduates who will be responsible business leaders and community advocates able to address commercial, economic, political and social issues related to sport. Students selecting this major must declare a minor in Business Administration.

Course Requirements

KNES Courses

KNES 280 Introduction to the Sport Industry (3)
KNES 285 Sport: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (3)
KNES 353 Sport and Society (3)
KNES 333 Sport Management (3)
KNES 395 Kinesiology Internship (3)
KNES 452 Sport Marketing (3)
KNES 456 Sport Governance, Policies and Legal Issues (3)
KNES 460 Cultural Economy of Sport (3)
KNES Electives - 15 units of electives from selected KNES courses (see below)

BUAD Courses

ACCT 201 Accounting Principles I (3)
ACCT 202 Accounting Principles II (3)
ECON 201 Microeconomic Principles (3)
ECON 202 Macroeconomic Principles (3)
FIN 331 Principles of Finance (3)
MKTG 341 Principles of Marketing (3)
MNGT 361 Principles of Management (3)

MATH 231
ECON 205

Basic Statistics (3)

Statistics for Business and Economics (3)

SPMT / KNES Electives
(from the list provided, a maximum of 6 credits can be outside KNES)
(eligibility for courses is based on having earned a “C” or better in the prerequisites)

Sport Business Oriented Courses
Sport Science Oriented Courses

KNES 251

History of Sport in America KNES 309 Tests and Measurements
KNES 301 Intro to Rec. and Leasure KNES 311 Biomechanics
KNES 305 Outdoor Educ: Phil. and Methods KNES 313 Physiology of Exercise
KNES 331 Principles of Coaching KNES 315 Care and Prev. of Athletic Injuries
KNES 337 Adv. Coaching Techniques KNES 341 Concepts of Motor Learning
KNES 349 Modern Olympic Games KNES 355 Psychology of Sport
KNES 351 Philosophy: Sport Experience KNES 361 Exercise Psychology
KNES 357 Sport in Film KNES 363 Nutrition for Exercise and Sport
KNES 395 Second Kinesiology Internetship KNES 365 Exercise Testing and Prescription
KNES 403 Organ. and Admin. of Intramurals KNES 369 Practicum in Exercise Science
KNES 418 Sport Facilities Management KNES 409 Stress Management
KNES 437 Sport and the Media KNES 426 Motor Development
KNES 441 The American Woman in Sport KNES 433 Applied Sport Psychology
KNES 449 Leadership for Sport Professional HLTH 204 Nutrition and Weight Control
KNES 454 Sport Sales and Sponsorship HLTH 208 Mental Health Management
KNES 470 select courses as available    
LENGL 325 Sports Law    
MNGT 463 Organizational Leadership    
PSYC 409 Organizational Psychology    

Prerequisite Information for Required Courses

Course Prerequisite
KNES 333 KNES 280; ACCT 201; ACCT 202
KNES 353 ENGL 102
KNES 395 KNES 333; earned 72 units; cum GPA 2.0 or higher; Department consent
KNES 452 MKTG 341
KNES 456 KNES 333
KNES 460 KNES 333
ACCT 202 ACCT 201
ECON 205 MATH 109 or higher, excluding MATH 204
FIN 331 MATH 231 or ECON 205; ACCT 201; ACCT 202; ECON 201; ECON 202
MATH 231 MATH 109 or higher, excluding MATH 204
MKTG 341 Junior/ Senior standing
MNGT 361 Junior/ Senior standing


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